Welcome to the Peaceful Patterns Challenge

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You’re all signed up for our FREE challenge! YAY!

You are going to create new and unique drawing patterns by mixing simple drawing and doodle patterns together. You don’t need any drawing or pattern experience, I’ll give you all the tools you need. Each day from August 19th – 23rd I’ll send you an email with a written prompt with instruction, and inspiration photos. Fill your sketchbook with these beautiful, playful drawings and paintings.

But don’t worry, if you are feeling a little nervous and want a bit more guidance, I’ve got a great resource to help you. First, let’s take a look at the simple supplies you’ll need:

Gather Supplies for the challenge:

Round watercolor brush

Watercolor paints, I’m using Daniel Smith, but you can use what you have already!

Drawing pen, I like Micron or a fountain pen, like Lamy Joy

Watercolor Paper, I like Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper or a watercolor art journal

How to Participate:

On Instagram with: #createwithamym or #mindfulartstudio

On Facebook: Comment on my daily challenge post and join our private Facebook Group.

Are you revved up and ready to go, or are you feeling a little nervous about whether you’ll have all the tools you need?

If you are a bit nervous, that’s totally natural when something is unfamiliar. That’s why I created a special bundle to hold your hand and create alongside you each step of the way. It’s the Peaceful Patterns Bundle, and it’s on a steep discount right now!

Let’s Get Started Making Peaceful Patterns!

Are you ready to expand on your slow drawing practice? I’ll lead you step by step to combine multiple slow drawings to create your own unique patterns.

In our BRAND NEW Peaceful Patterns Bundle, you’ll get:

  • Watercolor Wonder (ONLY available in this bundle!)
  • Slow Drawing Masterclass
  • 3 Favorite Slow Drawing Patterns: Rice, Flower, and Gingko

Slow Drawing Masterclass:

Mix, Match + Relax!

You will have all the guidance you need to successfully complete the 5-day challenge, or 50 days of drawing patterns with the detailed worksheets and class recordings in the Slow Drawing Masterclass.

I’ll lead you step-by-step through my inventive ways of combining simple elements – like circles or lines – to come up with complex, beautiful patterns like the ones shown above. I purposefully make this process simple enough so that anyone can do it, but interesting enough that you’ll want to repeat the process many times, many ways.

And not to worry, I know what it’s like to want someone to hold your hand a bit – I lead you through each step, while also giving tons of invitations for you to innovate and do things your own way too.

Watercolor Wonder:

Watercolor doesn’t need to be a mystery! In this playful watercolor class, you will learn:

color mixing,

watercolor bleeds,

watercolor mark making,

and all the basics that will create gorgeous backgrounds, patterns, and a way to make your art journal pages pop!

These paintings make an incredible pairing for your Peaceful Patterns.

3 Slow Drawing Videos:

You will learn a few patterns in the Slow Drawing Masterclass, but I wanted to offer you 3 of my students’ all time favorite slow drawing patterns:

Gingko, Flower, and Rice.

I’ll also coach you on how I use slowing down and tuning in through my senses to draw myself calm and get my inner critic out of the way so I can be more creative.

The Peaceful Pattern Bundle is on presale for $99 through August 17th only.

On August 18th, the price goes up to $109

On August 24th, the price goes up to $119.

On August 31st the bundle disappears from the shop!



3 Favorite Slow Drawing Workshop Videos

Slow Drawing Masterclass PDF

Slow Drawing Masterclass Class Recording

Slow Drawing Masterclass Close-Up Video Demos

Watercolor Wonder PDF

Watercolor Wonder Class Recording

Basic Watercolor Technique Videos and close-up demos

Color Mixing Video

The Peaceful Patterns Bundle is normally $150, but on presale right now for just $99. The presale for this class ends on August 18th.