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Membership in The Gathering Artists’ Collective

Want to make art every day?

Not sure what to make or how to focus your art?

I help budding creatives (like you) make art a joyful and meaningful part of their life. It’s hard to find people who understand your need to make things – The Gathering Artists’ Collective is a warm, supportive community of people who share your love of that partciular shade of watercolor paint, pens, and the beauty of nature.

In the Gathering, you’ll find a safe space to share your art, your process, and share ideas. We will meet up live in special art and creativity workshops, quiet c0-creating sessions, and writing workshops. We are here to full support your creative practice. To help you discern if we are your people, we offer a free 7-day trial. You’ll also have access to a fantastic set of prerecorded workshops designed to get you creating joyful art on a daily basis. I can’t wait to meet you and create together!