Wednesday Art Party

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

This Wednesday, April 15th, at 1pm EST, we will have an art party on Facebook! For my non-FB folks though, I’ll provide a replay right here. You can expect it to show up once it’s processed, usually by 2:30 or 3pm EST.

Let’s come together and have an art party! There’s no right or wrong materials, no right or wrong way to create. Just bring some different materials to work with and I’ll help you let intuition be your guide. We will do some exercises to loosen up and get focused and playful. From there, I might be painting, drawing, illustrating, or paper cutting. You might be collaging, painting, writing, or drawing. it’s all welcome.

I’ll walk you through my decisions and how focusing on process over product helps me make more art, more joyful art and better art. Let’s PAAARTY!

If you loved this experience and want more of it, plus painting together in an online Re-TREAT, click here:

If you are curious about using high flow paints to make mini books and mini masterpieces, click here:

If you are curious about gathering all your ideas in one sketchbook that can fuel your art, click here:

I’m so happy we could create together!

Creatively Yours,