Unity: A Slow Painting Party

Hello Wonderful, Creative You:

Join me for a free Slow Painting Party. I’ll show you how to slow down, and create beautiful patterns with simple, repetitive marks. All you need is a small round brush or a watercolor brush with a well, and 8 – 10 pieces of watercolor paper, sized roughly 3 x 4 inches.

Your REPLAY will appear here when it’s ready, at about 3pm EST on Wednesday, and will expire at 8pm EST on Friday.

It’s my pleasure to teach you this slow drawing pattern and watch you learn and innovate with it.


+ 5 – 7 squares of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 3×4 inches

+ Watercolor paints

+ Small round watercolor brush or watercolor brush with well

For folks who are looking for a way to support these Mindful Art Parties, I’m accepting donations of any amount via Paypal: paypal.me/AmyMaricle

Creatively Yours,