This is How I Play in My Art Journal

Part of the beauty of art journaling is that its an art form that is interactive – the journal doesn’t come alive until you open the book and turn each page. Including dynamic elements like windows and pop-ups calls you back to the playful books of your childhood, but with an adult sensibility.

By using dynamic elements, you’ll be inviting your viewer to become a vital part of the art piece. Imagine turning the page to find an open pocket with a letter inside, or a door with a picture underneath.  Even if the only viewer is only you, using these techniques invites your art to come alive.

Here’s some elements you might think about incorporating:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Pockets
  • Flaps
  • Folded pages
  • Sewn pages
  • Pop outs

With 21 Secrets, Connie and Hali over at Dirty Footprints Studio gather together some of the most inspiring and talented art journaling teachers who offer you the best of their skills. I really value a group class like this because you get a lot of bang for your buck, and I believe in feeding your inner artist lots of inspiration.

Click here to learn more about the other 20 amazing workshops. What better way to get a real creative kick in the patootie than to take a course with 21 different teachers?

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  1. Sally Swain

    You are fabulous, Amy. Thank you ongoingly for your creative sparky helpfulness and generosity.
    Oh. And playfulness.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI Sally:

      You are so sweet. I’m so glad that the playfulness speaks to you. If you end up working with any doors, pockets, or windows, I’d love to see them!


  2. Heidi

    I sure wish I could take this class. I would absolutely LOVE to see all of the wonderful and creative art talent and lessons that these artists can teach. Your lessons on pockets and doors looks like so much fun I would love to learn this… PLEASE make it public for us !!! LOL, i know pay 50 bucks and you will LOL. thanks for sharing this little tidbit with us 🙂 hugs.


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