The Studio Clear Out Challenge

The challenge ended May 19th, 2023, but you can still join your class, Studio Space.

I will help you do the most with:

  • furniture
  • lighting
  • storage
  • creative solutions in small spaces
  • ways to organize and make your space BEAUTIFUL

Kasia Avery in her beautiful studio

You will LOVE the studio inspiration section:

Jen Hewettt, from the Studio Space inspiration section.

Jen Hewett’s sunlit studio

Emma Freeman’s bedroom stitching studio

Kaila Givehand’s book making and mixed media space, and

Amber Jensen’s tiny sunroom where she makes big work in a tiny space.

Join Studio Space

You’ll see creative ways to repurpose furniture, use what you have, source existing pieces, and make a more beautiful, organized, space.

I’ve got more organizational ideas, even for tiny spaces. This is your studio. YOUR claimed space.

Join us for Studio Space now!

I can’t wait to see what you make with your space!

Creatively Yours,