The Studio Clear Out Challenge 2023

Artist Emma Freeman in her beautiful bedroom studio.

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

The challenge is over, but you still have time and a lot of help for creating a studio space you’ll love.

Whether you are working in a corner of a room, or a giant converted barn, I want to help you transform your art space into one that is inviting and inspiring. With my approach, you can make a space helps you create more art than you ever thought possible. I know you can do this because I’ve seen it work for so many of my students.

Join my complete studio organization course: Studio Space

I will walk you through all the practical parts of making an art studio. I will help you figure out furniture, lighting, storage, creative solutions in small spaces, and of course, organizational strategies and making the space BEAUTIFUL.

You will LOVE the studio inspiration section, where you’ll peek into 12 artists’ studios. You’ll see:

Jen Hewettt, from the Studio Space inspiration section.

Jen Hewett’s sunlit studio,

Emma Freeman’s bedroom stitching studio,

Kaila Givehand’s book making and mixed media space, and

Amber Jensen’s tiny sunroom where she makes big work in a tiny space.

Learn how to: 

Divide, categorize, and contain.

Create distinct creation stations, 

Open up table space so you can create. 

Make a structure in the studio that makes organization maintainable.

For the studio tours, organizing and storage, and all my best tips,

sign up for Studio Space.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

Sharing and Questions:

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Facebook: Post your progress in the Mindful Art group or to the Mindful Art Studio FB page.


  • What if I like more stuff or clutter in my creative space? Each of us is different, so I’ve tried to make space, both in the challenge and in the Studio Space class, for different approaches and personalities. You may resonate with most of my suggestions, or just specific ones. I made this challenge so that we could make a better, more productive, more beautiful art space in our homes. As in all my classes, I see this as a collaboration; I bring my suggestions, and you bring your knowledge of yourself and your desire to make it right for you.

Creatively Yours,