The Simplest Mark Replay

Simplest Mark

Hello Wonderful, Creative You:

This Friday for our Mindful Art Party, we will explore an extremely simple question, with powerful results for your art practice: What is the simplest mark you can make that pleases you?

We will use black paint or ink, a brush, and a sense of curiosity as our tools. I think you’ll find some of your best ideas are hiding in these explorations.


– Watercolor paper cut into small test strips of varying sizes (2.5 x 3.5 – 5 x 7 inches perhaps)

– Black high flow paint, ink, or acrylic paint mixed with water

– Acrylic paint brush you’d like to explore making marks with

– Water, paint towel, covering for your work space

The replay will remain up through Sunday at 8pm (New York City time – check your smart phone for local time.)

Let’s have some more fun with black paint…

Come make an art date with me! Let’s embrace the mystery of darkness and the hope of light.  

Create an opaque, shiny black background to make your images, patterns, and words stand out.

+ Learn to use mindful pattern drawing to create beautiful, organic forms. 

Re-work “messy” art journal pages into clean, crisp images.

+Express and record feelings using lettering and journaling techniques.

Stop fearing the blank white page, and embrace the mystery.

+ Ask questions in real time while we work together.

+ Keep the recording and PDF and create together again and again.

If for any reason you cannot make it, however, these masterclasses are recorded, and you’ll have lifetime access. 

If you loved exploring the marks in this workshop, I think you will love using what you learned in my upcoming masterclass, The Black Page. We will explore mark making in colorful paint pens on black pages in our journals. I’ve been amazed by all the creative doors this has opened to me, and I’m excited for you to experience the same. Use code GATHER25 to join us at the discounted rate.