The Inspiring Sketchbook

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

On Friday, July 12th, we will gather together for an online retreat experience, diving into the amazing, inspiring world of your sketchbook.

I am a big believer in the power of art journals and sketchbooks to hold it all – our drawings, ideas, feelings, messy marks, and even the grocery list. I’ll show you how putting all this in your sketchbook can make your sketchbook a big creative soup – a spot where all of the elements of your life, and the things that spark your creative fire and curiosity, marinate together to create your BIG ART.

We will do a series of creative exercises to help you mine, expand, and explore ideas, through the use of creative writing, color exploration, and drawing.

Our Day: 12pm – 5pm EST on ZOOM!

During our creative retreat, we will:

  • Look at how carrying a sketchbook can transform your creative practice.
  • Do creative warm ups that feed your creative fire
  • Use writing to mine for your art ideas.
  • Explore your ideas from multiple angles – getting to your best, BIG ART ideas.
  • Re-treat ourselves by breaking bread together during our retreat. This is a treasured part of our connection with each other, building our community of creative women.

During our time together, each of us contributes in our own beautiful way to create the sense of community and safety in our gathering. By showing up in the way that feels most nurturing to you, and encouraging others, we create a foundation upon which each of us creates more than we thought we could. This is one of elements of the retreat that participants value most. Women’s circles are a precious space.

Our time together will be playful, exploratory and fun!


 “I really enjoy group art work and have a difficult time finding others. Sometimes we have to go a little further to find our tribe which the internet has successfully been able to do. 🙂 My own creativity has been sparked. Friday’s retreat grounded me in knowing that creativity does not need to be bogged down by supplies. In using a few good quality items we were able to get off the ground to engage in the creative process of mystery. Thank you for that.” – Pamela Swafford 

“I like how so many of us women are now able to come to the table together and not make excuses for what we are producing. I used to think that being vulnerable could be a weakness. Now I look at vulnerability in my art more as a strength. I am ‘allowed’ to be vulnerable to my art. It makes me stronger. My art feels stronger. I am happier with my art as well. There is strength in women!” – Deborah Wakefield

The Inspiring Sketchbook Materials

For this retreat, you’ll need to bring the following materials:


The investment for your experience is $89. You can register here.


Refund Policy

No refunds will be granted, regardless of reason. If I have to cancel for any reason, your money will be refunded.

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