The Inchie Challenge 2021

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

Each summer I host an art challenge that focuses on getting you to meet your top art goals – make more fun, meaningful art. There is so much that can get in the way of your creative life. I want to help you make art making so accessible, so enticing, that you just cannot help but create a little bit each day.

What is the Inchie Challenge?

The challenge is simple- make a 2 inch art piece every day for 12 days August 16-27th. I’ll email you a prompt each day. You can share your inchies with our online community with #inchiechallenge2021 and #mindfulartstudio.

And the thing is that the more you engage in this practice of working a little bit each day, the more you realize that you can fit art into your day. There is space in your life for a little art. Click here to start right away.

inchie art

Seeing how big an impact the weekly Slow Drawing sessions have had for so many people, I decided that this year I wanted to create a free class to help you prep for the challenge. For me, preparation is one of the biggest elements that helps me come back to create day after day. It’s got to be easy and inviting. With 5 video lessons and a meaty little PDF, you’ll have all the guidance you need.

A Little Art Every Day will show you:

  1. Embracing small art as a way to make more art.
  2. Why simplifying your supplies matters
  3. A 3-part approach to easy, joyful art making
  4. A guided inchie idea generation worksheet
  5. 5 – Minute inchie prompt we’ll create together
  6. Turning your small pieces into large scale art

This is going to be such a fun experience to share with you. Be sure to share your work on social media with #mindfulartstudio so we can all see your beautiful little pieces and prep!

Creatively Yours,




    Love the idea

    • Amy Maricle

      I’m so happy it resonates with you, Sarika, and I can’t wait to see what you create! xo

  2. Christy Kelly-Bentgen

    Fun morning with this first prompt! Need help/advice on how to share photos. Thanks!

    • Amy Maricle

      Hi Christy: Oh I’m so happy you enjoyed it! You can share on Instagram or Facebook by tagging me @amymaricle and using #inchiechallenge2021 and #mindfulartstudio Happy creating!

  3. Petra Stelzer

    Was für eine Challenge! Ein herzliches hallo aus Dresden und herzlichen Dank für die Möglichkeit, hier mitzumachen und für Ihre tolle Inspiration für jeden Tag. Es macht so viel aus, jeden Tag ein bisschen Kunst zu machen und es macht viel Freude. (Mein Englisch ist nicht so perfekt, aber auch hier lerne ich mit jeder Klasse besser, diese Sprache zu verstehen. Ich bitte um Nachsicht.) Ganz herzliche Grüße an Sie, liebe Amy und an alle, die hier ihre Werken posten. DANKE!!

    What a challenge! A warm hello from Dresden and thank you very much for the opportunity to take part and for your great inspiration for every day. It makes so much difference to do a little bit of art every day and it’s a lot of fun. (My English is not so perfect, but here, too, I am learning to understand this language better with every class. I beg your pardon.) Warm regards to you, dear Amy and to everyone who post their works here. THANKS!!

    • Amy Maricle

      HI Petra: Danke! I am so happy that you are getting so much from the challenge. German is not one of the languages I speak, but I think Google got us there. Painty hugs!

      • Petra Stelzer

        Herzliche Umarmung zurück, freue mich schon auf weitere Klassen. Liebe Grüße
        A warm hug back, I’m looking forward to more classes. Warm greetings

  4. Paula Whitcomb

    I’m really enjoying the Inchie Challenge!

  5. Sofia Dahlmann Gothlin

    I finally completed the challenge amidst a move and house sale .
    Thank you💕

    • Amy Maricle

      I’m so pleased that it helped, Sofia! xo


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