The Inchie Challenge 2019

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I am so excited to be doing The Inchie Challenge with you again this year! Making small art in the Mindful Art Studio community has always been such an invigorating and unifying experience. We all need strategies, and working small can be such fun.

I created this challenge because the #1 block in the way of you making art is time. You don’t have time to make art. I get it. For women especially, there’s a lot on our plate. We expect a lot of ourselves. Every other commitment in our lives can feel more important than our own needs.

Creativity ends up taking last place. Art time feels like an indulgence. But here’s what I’d invite you to hear: Just like making time for exercise is a priority, so is time to fill our souls with our art practice.

inchie art, small art, ideas for making art everyday

Do any of these messages sound familiar?

  • By the time I decide what to make, I won’t have time to make anything.
  • It takes too long to set up.
  • The clean up takes forever.
  • It’s too big a project, I’ll never finish.

You may need to get creative about getting creative. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that it’s important to find ways to make art in the time I have. For me, that often means working smaller and in shorter bursts, and with different materials.

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    I work larger too, but most often I work in small journals because it’s accessible. It doesn’t overwhelm me, and small art is still art.

    Anything that makes your art more fun, playful, and bite-sized will invite you into the art process, and ultimately help you make more art on a daily basis (or at least a regular basis.) This challenge is a great way for us to practice making a little bit of art every day.

    The Inchie Challenge Guidelines

    • Join in Monday, August 19th – Friday August 23rd
    • Create an art piece that is 3 inches or smaller each day.
    • Any art form is welcome. Feel free to interpret The Inchie Challenge as loosely or strictly as you wish, as long as the art is 3 inches or less.
    • Post your art using #mindfulartstudio and tag @amymaricle

    Sign up here now to join in, and I’ll send you fun project ideas and ways to prep for art making on the go and in short bursts of time. Let’s make a little art together!

    This is going to be such fun!

    Creatively Yours,