The DIY Adult Coloring Book

Free DIY Coloring Book


DISCLAIMER: This coloring book is a tool you may use as art for self-care. It is not art therapy. If you are experiencing overwhelming emotions, please seek support from a professional in your area. You can find a listing of wonderful art therapists here.

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Why Am I Inviting You to Make Your Own Adult Coloring Book?

So many people who before would never have owned art materials are using coloring books within the last few years. I did a post on coloring books a few months back which generated a lot of really interesting discussion, both here on the blog and in other venues.

I heard from a lot of people who find the experience of coloring very relaxing and creative. What really intrigued me was the feedback I got from a number of people who reported that coloring books were a powerful grounding tool during intense anxiety and panic. They said that the structure of the activity combined with physical experience of filling in the colors was calming.  This led me to share last week’s post about Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety. I wanted to offer some ways that you could make your own simple grounding technique with only a pen and paper.

I’ve also heard from a few people in my Creative Self-Care group on Facebook about how using coloring books was a way of testing their creative abilities before trying anything too unstructured and “artistic.” This got me to thinking about how I might create a structured way for folks to take the next step into an expressive art activity without it feeling too scary.

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I’m very excited about the coloring book phenomena because I see people’s hunger for creative self-care techniques, and I want to empower you to see that you CAN make art, and that you are a far more powerful artist than you know. Like any other skill, it helps to have some guidance and encouragement. I hope I can provide that for you.

I’m offering a free template to make your own beautiful coloring book with just a few simple shapes. This is my gift to you and your creative life. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know how you like it and any questions you might have in the comments.

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Download Your Free Printable DIY Adult Coloring Book

Just click the link or the image to download your copy.

DIY Adult Coloring Book

DIY Adult Coloring Book Cover


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  1. iHanna

    I am a fan of doodeling mostly, but coloring too is really awesome when I get into, thanks for the link Amy! This little book is a great resource for people who wants to make their own book with your help. Awesome work!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI iHanna:

      You are so sweet. Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. I hope it might give you a couple of ideas for inspiration.

      Also your latest inspiration post is AMAZING! I really hope folks check it out. I was wowed by all the art and art journaling goodies.



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