The Best Gifts for Artists 2022

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

While I tend towards minimalism, I enjoy a new art supply from time to time as much as the next person. But for me this is the key: I buy just a few, high quality supplies so that they work well and keep me having fun. Here are a few of the supplies I’ve really been enjoying this year, that folks ask about the most.

Tracing Paper

art journal collage ideas

If you have taken some of my art journaling classes, you might know that I am obsessed with tracing paper. It’s an amazing substance for adding light, airy layers in your journal or on standalone art pieces. I draw on it, paint on it, and make cut outs from it.

Daniel Smith paints

I love Daniel Smith watercolor paints. They have intense, beautiful color. I often recommend their travel set, pictured below, which I use a lot. But working with the different colors I have in tubes and being able to spread out on a larger palette to mix colors freely is very satisfying.

Watercolor Palette

Speaking of palettes, this palette is a wishlist item for me. (Hello, Santa? Are you listening?) I love the fact that this palette is large and made of porcelain instead of plastic.

Dick Blick Masterstroke Watercolor Brushes

I love these brushes. The bristles keep their shape and stand up to mixing and blending. I would buy these Dick Blick Masterstroke brushes again and again.

Watercolor Paper

When I want to work on something that I hope might be frame worthy, I always reach for my Arches watercolor paper. It’s a beautiful, high quality paper that takes in the color and shows off my work. I love the feel of the textured surface.

Fountain Pen and Ink

As part of my quest to minimize the plastic I’m using in my art practice. I decided to start with the low-hanging fruit: my pens. I am IN LOVE with my Lamy Joy pen (pictured above), and my Sailor fountain pen with fude nib. They are great for doing slow drawing, drawing people and my dogs, or writing my to do list. Find my fountain pens, inks, and re-usable ink cartridges on my favorite supplies page under pens.

Draw Yourself Calm: Draw Slow, Stress Less

One of the things that surprised me at my book signings was how many folks bought multiple copies of my book, Draw Yourself Calm, so that they could enjoy it themselves, but also give it as a gift.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of an art class! You’ll find Mindful Art Studio gift cards for $25, $50, and $100. And between now and December 26th, all gift cards are 25% off in my shop. Your discount will be added at checkout – you don’t need a code. Don’t be afraid to let folks know that a Mindful Art Studio gift card is on your list, or welcome more folks into our community by giving a gift yourself. Happy Holidays!

What’s on your wish list this year?

Creatively Yours,



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