The Artist’s Sketchbook Visualization

Step 1: Listen to the Visualization

Step 2: Journaling Prompt

When you feel ready, take your own sketchbook and write about your experience with the visualization. Capture it not in beautiful sentences, but in bullet points and dashes. Let it be messy and imperfect. Get into the details of colors, textures, light, and sensations.

Jot down what you noticed in the sketchbook. Write through your senses about what it was like to hold the book in your hands, touch the pages, and see the imagery and words. Make imperfect sketches of what you saw and experienced in that artist’s book. Give yourself 5 minutes, or even 10 on a timer on your phone if that helps you relax into it.

What was that like? What did you notice in the artist’s sketchbook that you might incorporate into your own?

I hope you loved this experience and that it illuminated some of the bright spots in your own creative life. I’d love to help you bring more of it to life with 25% off all classes this weekend only!

Creatively Yours,