Dear Wonderful Creative You:

Hi! I’m Amy, and I want to welcome you to the Mindful Art Studio community. I’m so glad you are here to nurture your creative life. I have lots of resources to share with you here, from slow drawing parties to free classes and blog posts.

My hope is that you will be like a creative adventurer, taking the bits that excite and light you up, and leaving behind anything that doesn’t fit. This is YOUR creative life. I’ll provide a flexible structure, and you’ll decide where it takes you. I’m so excited for you!

Creatively Yours,







Each Monday I send out my newsletter with the details for that week’s slow drawing pattern and party. There are two ways you can join: live or on replay. The live feed happens on YouTube. The replay stays up for 48 hours and you can get the link in your weekly newsletter.


Make a date with yourself for this creative time. And if you miss a class, we have extended replays in our membership community, The Gathering which has all the slow drawing classes from the last year. You can join us HERE!

slow drawing patterns


I have a variety of classes in my shop – including free classes, to help get your creative juices flowing. The courses vary from my flagship Creative Self-Care class, to paper cutting, to a guide on how to finish your online classes. It’s a pleasure to offer these gifts to you.


simple art ideas


slow drawing book

After offering free slow drawing workshops over the last two years, I’m so excited to say I’ve created a book of 25 of the patterns to share with you.

My book is called Draw Yourself Calm, and it is available now!