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Password, Username, and Login Issues

I can't find my username and/or password

Your username and password is automatically generated for you when you register for a class. These are emailed to you with an email called “You’re part of Mindful Art Studio” from Mindful Art Studio <>. Please search your inbox for this email and you’ll have everything you need there.

The email will look something like this:

I can't remember my password

You can reset your password on the Login page.

I need to change my email address / password / username

With the new system, you’re able to change your email immediately – just head on over to My Account (at the top!) > Account Details.

Change the detail that you’re wanting to and hit save. 

How do I create an account?

In order to activate the Big Art Dashboard, you need to register for a class. This can be a free class too. Just add the class to your cart, and go through checkout. If it’s a free class, you won’t need to put in any payment details. 

This will give you a username and password (yay!). You’ll be emailed these automatically generated details, so take a look in your inbox.

I purchased a class, but it's not finding my email address

Unless you received an email with your email address and an automatically generated password, you will not have an account. 

The email addresses that were automatically added come from PayPal, so if your email is different to that one it won’t pick you up.

Please create a new account (you can do so by going through checkout with that free class – no payment info required), then just send me an email once it’s done, along with your PayPal address?

I’ll make sure that all of your classes are added.

How do I register? How to I enroll in a class (paid or free)?

If you have already registered, you’ll need to login first.

If this is your first time using this site since the Big Art Dashboard, you need to register by ordering something.

This is how you do it. I’ve made a handy video to show you what it looks like:

You can find all available classes in the Shop.

Once you’re in the Shop, scroll down until you find the one you’d like and click Add to Cart.

From there, you can either click on “View Cart” on the left, or the little cart icon at the top of the page.

This will take you to your Cart. If everything looks right, you’ll click on Proceed to Checkout.

On the Checkout page, you’ll be prompted for your details. Everything is optional except for your email address.

Check if you agree to the terms and conditions, and checkout. If you have only free classes in your basket, you will not need to input any payment details. If you have a paid class, you will be asked to put your payment details in.

Once you’ve checked out, you can find all information emailed to you (including the automatically generated password for next time!), and everything will be in your Dashboard.

I'm on your mailing list, why doesn't your site recognize my email address?

This is a great question. When you sign up for a class in the shop on my site, whether it’s free or paid, it automatically puts you on my email list.

However, if you just sign up to be on my newsletter, or to be notified about certain activities, such as Slow Drawing Workshops, it puts you on my mailing list, but does not create a user on my site. In order to create an account on my site, you must sign up for a class, free or paid, through my shop.

Coupons and Payment

Where do I put in my coupon code? Why isn't my coupon code working?

There are two spots where you can enter your coupon code. Note, this is different than a gift card code, that won’t work.

You can enter your code when you first put something in your cart here. 

Or you can enter your code at the end of the checkout process here:

Can I pay with Paypal, or a credit card?

I use a secure checkout with Stripe as my credit card processor. Credit card is the only form of payment I accept. 

I have eliminated Paypal as their current interface makes paying any other way very difficult and I need folks to be able to pay with a credit card. I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Some folks don’t use credit cards and wonder if there’s a way to buy a class. My suggestion is perhaps using a friend’s credit card and paying them. 


Accessing Your Classes on Mindful Art Studio

Where are my classes?

You’ll find all your classes in your Big Art Dashboard

I purchased a class, and I can't see it in my dashboard.

Before reaching out to me, please try logging in with one of your other email addresses, this is often the issue. If you cannot log in with any of your emails, please send me an email and I can help you. If you send through proof of purchase of the class (either a PayPal receipt or the class password) then I can help you quicker!

Another thing that sometimes happens is folks think that they completed purchase, but they haven’t.  When purchase is complete, my store will take you to a new screen with a link to your class. You will also recieve an email. Please double check to be sure the sale went through. If you still aren’t sure,  you can check your credit card to see if payment is pending. 

This will always give you the most immediate answer to your question – much faster than waiting for me – I’m a one woman show here. 🙂 

How long do I have access to my classes?

As long as I have a website,  you have access to your class. PDFs are available for download. Videos can be viewed on my site at your convenience. Live online retreats happen live and are not recorded. 

Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards? Can I buy someone a class as a gift?

Yes! I have gift cards in various denominations. You’ll find gift cards in the shop in the CLASSES section. Just choose the amount, add it to your cart, check out, and follow the instructions to have it delivered to the recipient of your choice on the timing you choose. Go to GIFT CARDS here.

Slow Drawing 

Where do I find the Slow Drawing Party Replay?

The replays of my weekly Wednesday Slow Drawing Parties are a benefit of being on my mailing list. If you get my emails, you’ll find all the Slow Drawing Party information, including the replay link, tnear the bottom of the email. If you’d like to start getting my newsletter, full of inspiration and creative goodies each Monday, you can sign up here

I'm looking for a pattern I don't see in the shop. Where do I find it?

All of the currently available slow drawing classes are in the Slow Drawing section of the shop. If you don’t see your pattern in the single classes, you can check the Slow Drawing Bundle class from the previous year, it may be included. You can also look to see if it’s included in my book, Draw Yourself Calm. I have a flip through video and much more here

I'd like to teach your slow drawing patterns and get paid for it. Is this okay?

No. Thanks so much for asking. Please don’t present my material- it’s the hard work I’ve done coming up with each pattern itself and the overall approach. You are welcome to share about slow drawing with friends and spread the slow drawing love. But getting paid for it is not okay. This is how I make my living as an artist. Thanks so much for understanding.

Where do I find your book, Draw Yourself Calm?

You can find my book, Draw Yourself Calm through most booksellers. Check out my Draw Yourself Calm page for country specific links. If you don’t find the link for your country, the easiest thing to do is to Google booksellers + your country and then search at one of those book sellers. Cheers!

Still stuck? Please send me an email with screenshots at each stage so that I can see what is happening. A picture is worth a thousand words. Please be sure not to reveal your credit card information in your screenshot.