Supply List: Mindful Art for Stress Relief

Hello Wonderful, Creative You!

I’m so excited that you are going to join me next Friday, September 23rd at 12 noon EST for the Mindful Art workshop! (Be sure to mark your calendar if you’ve haven’t already so you don’t miss a moment! It’s going to be a very full hour!)

I always try to keep the supply list relatively simple for the workshops so that anyone can participate, even if you need to make a few substitutions. Your really can make art with very little and do a lot. And, frankly, sometimes too many supplies can sometimes keep you from focusing on enjoying and mastering the techniques with the ones you have.

During the workshop, we will do some simple drawing and painting that anyone can do. (Really!) If you see something on the supply list that you don’t have and don’t want to invest right now, just feel free to substitute or skip that supply for now.

Mindful art for stress relief, mindful art supplies


 Supply List for Mindful Art for Stress Relief:


Because we are going to paint on the pages, I suggest a slightly thicker page. (Computer paper will work for the drawing, but will crinkle a lot with the painting exercises.) You probably know how much I love to work in art journals, and what a big advocate I am of using them for creative self-care. Here’s a few of my favorites.

If you want a journal that opens flat or nearly flat on its own, just click on the images to explore them in detail:


If you don’t mind having to hold open pages with binder clips like I do:

I love working on the tan pages. They have a natural, not so scary white page staring at me type feel. Here’s the same journal with some of my work:

mindful art supplies, mindful art for stress relief


Permanent marker or pen is a great drawing tool. A regular ball-point pen will work for the exercises we are doing, but if you’d like to practice art a little more often, it would be worth checking out some of these options. These pens won’t smudge or pool the way some pens will. Here’s my favorite black pens for drawing:


We will be using acrylic paints for the workshop.


Paint Brush

I like a #6 round for what we are doing, but any paint brush for acrylics will work.

Remember to have: 

  • Cup of water
  • Paint rag or paper towel
  • Palette, paper plate, or wax paper for mixing paint with a bit of water to make it flow



You might want to do the homework and create some backgrounds and do your mindful drawing on them during the workshop. If you go with this option, you might also want to have a gel pen on hand. Be sure that it’s a color that will show over your art work. If you have gel pens already, just be sure to test it before the workshop so that you’re sure you are ready to roll!



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I can’t wait to “see” you next Friday! Happy Creating!