Watercolor Wonder

A Live Zoom Retreat November 10th and 11th
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Watercolor basics for watercolor wonder.

Join me for two creative, luxurious afternoons of exploring and dwelling in the flow of watercolor paint. You’ll get to know your paints and brushes through exploratory exercises and create blooming, bold clouds of color, and gentle washes and marks that will set the stage for your slow drawings and mark making to pop.


This retreat is best for folks with less familiarity with watercolor paint.

get to know your materials


coptic bound journal tutorial easy

explore the marks your brushes can make

We will playfully explore the various ways to move, press, drag, and press different brushes in order to get different kinds of marks in watercolor. Watch the color appear on the page.

Brush a simple swath of color

coptic bound journal tutorial easy

see what might emerge

watch the clouds of watercolor bloom before you

Create beautiful backgrounds

coptic bound journal tutorial easy

and playful layers of color

set the stage for your drawings

Create gorgeous watercolor washes where you can feature your slow drawings, mark making, and nature drawings. Or, let the watercolor marks and blooms speak for themselves. Our work together will focus mostly on painting, and you can add your drawings and patterns when you wish, or explore the techniques without drawing layers.

coptic bound journal tutorial easy
online sketchbook classes

We create together LIVE on Zoom November 10th and 11th

Our gathering is an artistic oasis.

Put up your twinkle lights, get a hot beverage, and gather your supplies. Mindful Art Studio retreats are a place where you can let your creative ideas blossom in a supportive community. Each retreat is a re-treat for you. A space for you to treat yourself. This means setting boundaries in your life so that you can give this experience your full time and attention. I want to help you nurture your creative life right now.

Here’s how to do it:

Do your creative prep for the retreat. Make your journal. Attend the coptic binding Q + A on March 18th to ask questions and share your beautiful book. Engage in the sketchbook exercises in the week leading up to the retreat.

Create a sacred, dedicated space for our retreat. This requires setting boudaries, both with yourself, and with those around you. You deserve a dedicated creative time to gather with others without distractions. We create these sacred circles by respecting ourselves and one another. Please join our gathering from your home in a quiet, dedicated space. Turn off your phone. Let others know only to interrupt in case of emergency. Keep your camera on so that we can all feel we are in the room together. If this does not resonate with you, you may prefer to take the self guided version of the Coptic Bound Journal and/ or The Inspiring Sketchbook, which you’ll find in the shop. (This is not the sort of retreat you can do from the car or while making dinner.)

Take creative risks. Show who you are creatively. The community will help you see the beauty in your work and the process.

Clear your expectations for the gatherings, and see what happens when you open to what is with the unique energy of the moment.

You’ll get your feet wet with watercolor, and maybe your hands too! 

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I’m Amy, Your Guide


I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art.


We are going to explore, experiment, and play with tuning deeply into the gifts of making and creating in your hand bound books.

Watercolor Wonder Includes:

Live Watercolor Wonder Instruction:

Thursday November 10th: 12 – 2:30 pm EST (New York time)

Friday November 11th 12 – 2:30 pm EST (New York time)

**These meetings are not recorded. We meet with open, present hearts, camera on, in the moment.

Watercolor Wonder PDF: With links for materials, creative preparation homework, and techniques.


**Please check your calendar and the time zone carefully before registering since given the nature of e classes, I cannot offer refunds. 

Do I need prior drawing or painting experience to participate?

This class is ideal for folks with limited experience with watercolor paint. You do not need drawing or painting experience. 

What are the materials?

You will need:

Watercolor paints – I like tubes or pans of Daniel Smith, but student grade is good

Watercolor paper – I like Strathmore 300 or 400 series for the small cards

Round Watercolor brushes sizes 10, 4, and 2

Plate or palette for mixing paint and water

.5 inch or 1 inch flat watercolor brush

Scissors  and ruler or paper cutter –  to create 2. 5 x 3.5 watercolor test cards (or similar size)

Micron drawing pen (or similar waterproof pen)



Arches watercolor paper (or similar good quality watercolor paper) for larger pieces



Do you teach slow drawing patterns in this class?

No. While we may use a few patterns during the retreat, the focus is fully on watercolor techniques. I want to help you really dig into the ways you can set a stage for your drawings of all kinds using watercolor backgrounds, washes, and marks. This class pairs beautifully with my book, Draw Yourself Calm, classes in the Slow Drawing section of the shop, and my self-guided retreat, Drawing Closer to Nature. It is however, a heck of a lot of fun on it’s own, and I think the techniques could lead to beautiful paintings without any pen drawings as well.

What is your refund policy?

Please look at the dates and consider your committment carefully before purchasing. Because of the nature of digital products, I cannot offer refunds, regardless of the circumstances. Please look over the classes carefully and reach out if you still have questions – I’m happy to help!

How long do I have access?

The live portions of the experience are not recorded. They are live, on camera, and as close to an in person experience as possible. For the Coptic Bound Journal class and Inspiring Sketchbook classes, which are included, you’ll have “lifetime access.” As long as I have a website, you have access to the class. YAY!

Watercolor Wonder

A Live Zoom Retreat November 10th and 11th
Pre-Register Now for $159