The Nature Spells Book PDF

A Self-Guided Retreat PDF
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Let’s create a beautiful, handbound book of your nature adventures.

creating a spaciousness in your art practice.

What has most helped me through this dark time is nature. I want to share that with you.

Let your feet walk on sacred ground,

Bathe in nature’s healing, then create from it.

Let’s create with our hands and collaborate with the earth.

PART 1: wander + collect

Wander in nature – wherever you are.

Record your adventures with photos, drawings, writing

Responsibly gather natural materials that spark your imagination

PART 2: Percolate, ponder, Make

Arrange your Gathered materials

write about your nature adventures.

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PART 3: gather + create your book

Sew natural materials into your pages

Layer mark making on tracing paper for surprising results.

Use flaps, envelopes, and pockets to create wonder + surprise in your book

I’m Amy, Your Guide

I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art. We are going to explore, experiment, and play with tuning deeply into nature and the gifts of nature and hand made books. 

What’s Included in Your Self-Guided Retreat PDF:

Beautiful color photos to inspire 

Finding beautiful natural spaces near you

Sewing envelopes and flaps in your journal

Layering photos, mark making, and natural materials

Do I need prior art or painting experience to participate?

No, whether you’ve never painted before, or you are an experienced artist, this day-long retreat is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your fluid art paintings. 

What is the supply list?

You will provide your own materials. A full supply list is included with the class, but here’s the bulk of what you’ll need:

YES Paste

Tracing  paper – for use in our  books.

Printed photos or hand drawn pictures of nature from your wanderings

White gel pen

Micron drawing pen

Alcohol ink markers 

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be granted, regardless of reason. 

The Nature Spells Book Self-Guided Retreat PDF

Start now for $19