The Enliven Retreat Series

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January 17th, 12 – 5pm EST

Join me for a LIVE online retreat on using semi-blind contour drawing, or wonky drawing to create portraits with more truth and emotional heft. We will also learn to add color to pull these portraits into their full power. 

Friday, March 13th, 12 – 5 PM EST, LIVE on Zoom.

During this live retreat, you will need your high flow acrylic paints.  I’m going to show you all you how to drip, blow & brush these paints into beautiful, organic shapes on mixed media board. In this live, online retreat, we will sharing in each other’s work, and getting brave in our art together. Get ready to play!

Friday, May 15th, 12 – 5 PM EST on Zoom

During this live retreat, I will guide you and a group of 14 other artists in taking your beautiful imagery from your art journal onto the canvas. We will go step by step and giggle, play, and experiment our way to lovely abstract pieces. Be daring, share your work, get live encouragement, and grow more than you thought possible. Let’s paint! 

Friday, July 17th, 12 – 5 PM EST, Live on Zoom

I’ll show you how to use some simple paper cutting techniques to add to your mixed media journals in ways that create depth, dimension, surprise, and meaning. In the live retreat format,  you can show your work, get feedback and encouragement from Amy and your classmates, and bloom in your art like never before. 

let’s enliven your art practice.

The Enliven Retreat Series is a beautiful opportunity for you to take your art practice to the next level. You’ll enjoy the accountability of a live retreat and the community and mutual support that we offer one another.

In each retreat, we will dive deeply into a different art technique. I’ll offer you technical tips, tricks, and feedback in real time, pushing your learning forward.

Because we work in a step-by-step, mindful, intuitive approach, I’ll also be making lots of space for you to interpret the techniques in your own unique way, developing your voice.

Having a full afternoon of art time together is a true gift. We will gather with women from all over the world to create, laugh, and share our art.

Let’s meet and create together.

Grab that paintbrush & create.

Push further than you thought you could.

Watch your art blossom.

There’s so much you want to create.

You have ideas that excite you.

You feel the creative fire inside burning.

You just aren’t sure how to bring your ideas to life.

Let’s meet every other month for an art retreat.

I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art. I’ve got a series of live retreats planned for 2020 where I’d love to help you do that too.

Forget perfectionism, what awaits you is more free and meaningful.

The Enliven Retreat Series Includes:


  • Four 5 hour retreats with personal guidance from Amy – it’s time to show up for your art.
  • A chance to have a transformative experience within our “magic circle -” a warm, welcoming community of imperfect artists like you
  • Skills to enrich your painting, drawing, and expressive practice.
  • Techniques to help you break out of the confines of your art journal.
  • Full class PDF and homework prep exercises


An intention setting guided visualization video


Why Intuitive Practice Fills Me Up (Video)


High Flow Color Combination Workbook



12pm – 5pm EST on ZOOM!

For each creative retreat, you will:

  • Ignite the creative fire with prep exercises so you hit the ground running.
  • Use mindfulness tools to calm the inner critic and make space for present, joyful experimentation.
  • Explore your ideas from multiple angles – getting to your best, BIG ART ideas.
  • Re-treat ourselves by breaking bread together during our retreat.
  • Receive a class e-book that includes all lessons.
Break out of your art journal.
Dig into your best work. 
“I really enjoy group art work and have a difficult time finding others. Sometimes we have to go a little further to find our tribe which the internet has successfully been able to do. 🙂 My own creativity has been sparked. Friday’s retreat grounded me in knowing that creativity does not need to be bogged down by supplies. In using a few good quality items we were able to get off the ground to engage in the creative process of mystery. Thank you for that.”

– Pamela Swafford

“I like how so many of us women are now able to come to the table together and not make excuses for what we are producing. I used to think that being vulnerable could be a weakness. Now I look at vulnerability in my art more as a strength. I am ‘allowed’ to be vulnerable to my art. It makes me stronger. My art feels stronger. I am happier with my art as well. There is strength in women!”

– Deborah Wakefield

“Thanks so much for a fruitful ‘playshop.’ The group was so generous and keen to try all you had to offer. The pump is primed!”

– Anne O’Connor

“This morning’s retreat was enjoyable, fun and important for me. Thank you for guiding me to open myself to uncomfortable art exercises.  I was able to ‘just do it’ and the thumbnail practices have showed me a way to both make art on a daily basis and to go further with my art.”

– Rita Reid


“Thank you sooo much for the wonderful experience, I was nourished and inspired throughout the afternoon, and got so much out of the retreat. I am taking away permission to create and make mistakes (my oops!) and am incorporating more sketching, noting, and playing into my days.”

– Lynn Pollack


Invest in the Series to Create More + Save

Each of our four retreats is $199, for a total value of $796 . If you purchase the bundle, however, you can enroll in the series for just $699. I want to help you make this commitment to your art practice in 2020.

You can also add on the Create Masterclass Series for just an additional $149.

The Create + Enliven Bundle gets you a retreat or masterclass that will sustain and build your art practice every month between January and July for just $849. (The full set of retreats and classes are worth $1093.)


Do I need prior art or drawing experience to participate?
No, whether you’ve never drawn before, or you are an experienced artist, this day-long retreat is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your journal pages.
Are the materials provided?
You will provide your own materials. Our goal is to take advantage of the simplicity of only using pen and watercolor to focus on nature’s beauty and the mindful process.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds will be granted, regardless of reason. If I have to cancel for any reason, your money will be refunded.
What kind of internet connection do I need?
You’ll need a strong internet connection and the camera and microphone that are built into your device. You may also want headphones to help reduce noise.

The Enliven Retreat Series

Join now for $699