The Black Page Masterclass

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This is a video and PDF based class. Watch the 2 hour recording of my masterclass: The Black Page. You’ll learn from my instruction and examples, as well as seeing student work and benefitting from their questions.

+ Create 4 types of luscious black and dark pages.

+ Identify your unique pattern language.

+ Play with positive and negative space to create bold compositions.

+ Compose dramatic art pieces with black, white, and subtle grey shifts.

+ See how the simplest patterns become your unique art when you manipulate them mindfully.

Let’s embrace the mystery of darkness and the hope of light.  

+ Create an opaque, shiny black background to make your images, patterns, and words stand out.

+ Learn to use mindful pattern drawing to create beautiful, organic forms. 

+ Re-work “messy” art journal pages into clean, crisp images.

+Express and record feelings using lettering and journaling techniques.

+ Stop fearing the blank white page, and embrace the mystery.


Do I need prior art or drawing experience to participate?
No, whether you’ve never drawn before, or you are an experienced artist, this self-guided video and PDF class is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your art.
Are the materials provided?
You will provide your own materials. Our goal is to take advantage of the simplicity of only using pen and watercolor to focus on nature’s beauty and the mindful process.
What is your refund policy?
Because of the nature of digital products, I cannot offer refunds, regardless of the circumstances. Please look over the classes carefully and reach out if you still have questions – I’m happy to help!
Can I use inks instead of acrylic paints?

Yes! If you’d like to move towards a more sustainable art practice, as I’ve been doing over the last couple of years, I encourage you to use India Ink for your black background. You would still need a acrylic marker or gel pen to go over the ink, but not using acrylic for the base makes a good reduction in use of plastic. You could also use these techniques with watercolors and fountain pens, the effect will just be different than the white on black. You can also use posca pen and gel pen over some watercolors. (It’s important to test first.)

The Black Page Masterclass PDF

Join now for $29