Studio Space

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Create the home art studio you’ve been dreaming of.

whether it’s a tiny bin under your bed,

a gorgeous space in a converted barn,

portable art kit ideas

or a room of one’s own.

 You deserve a space in which to make  your art. A space that is sacred, and just for you, your creativity, and to nurture yourself.  Carving out and maintaining that space can be tricky when there are so many things and people demanding time and space in our lives. I want to help you make a space that stokes your creativity and invites you to create with joy.

Examining Your Assumptions, and Making a Plan


You’ll do writing exercises to examine your assumptions about your art studio.

You’ll visualize what might be possible and dream big. Then I’ll show you how to both accept your current limitations and do more than you thought possible within them.


Paring Down

And of course, a huge part of what I’ll teach you is how to decide what stays and what goes and what to do with it once you decide it doesn’t belong in your space.

Amy’s course is amazing! It has lit a fire under me to create a space that really works. Seeing other artists’ working studios including a deep dive into Amy’s space has helped me create a vision for my own studio. And the writing prompts were so helpful, as I started the process, to push through the things that were holding me back. Thank you Amy!
Cami Flake

You’ll have 10 lessons in video, a 60-page full color e-book, and gorgeous photos

Lesson Plan

I am a seasoned artist and my tastes in creating have really changed over the years. I have a lot of supplies I don’t use.

Studio Space has helped me narrow down to what I love to create with, pass on the supplies I don’t need or want anymore, and organize what I work with today.

Whether you don’t have an art studio or you do, if it’s big or just a corner of a room, you will find every idea to create a workable and organize space to fit your needs.

Aleta Jacobson

Can I take this class if I'm new to art?
Absolutely! I will lead you through step by step in creating an art making space in your home, whether you have a lot of space and budget, or just a little.
Should I take this class if I am an experienced artist?
YES. Whether you need to reimagine a new art space in your house, or just retool the current one, I’m here to help you create your unique Studio Space.
Can I give this class as a gift?
Do I need basic computer knowledge to take the class?
Yes, this class is accessible on a page hosted on my website. The videos are all shot in HD and require a broadband connection for viewing the class.
Do I have lifetime access to the class?
Yes, as long as I have a website, you have access to the class!
How much are the supplies for this class?
Supplies are not included in the cost of the class, and you resource or purchase whatever you might need for your home studio. I include links for finding furniture and other storage supplies at low or no cost as well as links for box stores that sell furniture and lighting.
Is this class live or self-paced?
This is a self-paced class with videos and a PDF. You can access them on the site whenever you want, and you have lifetime access.
What is the refund policy?
Because this is an immediate, lifetime access class, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Registration is non-transferrable.