Spring Spells Self-Guided Retreat PDF


This is the self-guided PDF version of the Spring Spells retreat. This beautiful PDF provides prompts, nudges, and opportunities for you to recharge and embrace the awakening energy of this season. You’ll practice both quiet contemplation in nature – taking in inspiration, and creation from it-  drawing and writing about the the emerging color and energy you encounter.

Learn to slow down and walk in nature mindfully.

Gather nature’s treasures with care.

Practice contour drawing natural objects.

Create talismans with natural objects in your home.

Write from the soul – connecting with your natural objects and the environment

Create your own Spring Spells –


Embrace rest, imperfection, and new inspiration.

You can join this experience from anywhere in the world, no matter your climate. You can also find your own way through this self-guided retreat if you have mobility issues by looking out your window, and researching the elements of nature that touch you most.

I can’t wait to find out about YOUR Spring Spells.