Small Creative Acts

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I put together this class to answer a need I’ve long seen: so many people are making art, or doing creative things, and yet don’t see themselves as creative. We are creative in so many ways everyday. I want to give you permission to acknowledge your creative soul and open up space for the art practice you’ve always wanted.


This class is composed of two artist talks and a full-color PDF that will lead you through written and art exercises to help you embrace small creative acts into your life.

    You will learn to make art more often by:

    • Validating the legacy of makers in your family and your creative history
    • Visualizing your creative future
    • Shifting to a playful, process-oriented approach
    • Working smaller and in shorter bursts
    • Nurturing your art practice with a playful 30-day creative challenge and art prompts


    Course Content


    In the Small Creative Acts E-Course you’ll get:

    • 1 hour 15 minute video talk on getting your art where you want it.
    • 25-page Small Creative Acts workbook and worksheets with creative self-discovery exercises and art journaling prompts. These are not in the videos. 
    • Lifetime access to class material
    • Private Facebook group

    Your art doesn’t need to change the world. It doesn’t need to land in a museum. It just needs to be a place where you can explore, create, and find comfort today.

    Do I need to be on Facebook in order to join this class?

    No. There is a private Facebook community, however, if you would like to share your work and discoveries there.

    Do I need computer experience to take this class?

    You do need basic computer knowledge to access this class.

    Is this class lifetime access?

    Yes! As long as I have a website, you have a class!

    Do I need prior art experience?

    No prior art experience is needed.

    How much do the supplies cost?

    All you need to begin is paper and a pencil or pen, markers, and acrylic paints. If you had nothing at all, supplies would cost you less than $50.