Slow Drawing + Watercolor Bursts


Slow Drawing + Watercolor Bursts is an hour-long workshop where I’ll guide you in a meditative slow drawing process, and several variations on the theme. Then, we will add bursts of watercolor paint to make each art piece pop. These little paintings make wonderful gifts, or backgrounds for words of wisdom. No previous art experience is necessary for this class, just a desire to use art mindfully and dip into the beauty of the moment and the materials in front of you.

During this challenging time, I want to make art accessible to as many people as possible, so I’m offering special pricing of $14.

Muchísimas gracias por esta clase!!!! Siempre me sorprendes con la fluidez y la calma con que deslizas el pincel, disfrutando de cada color, de cada trazo, de cada momento….eres fantástica y has despertado en mí esa parte sin juicios ni trabas a la hora de pintar, esa parte infantil de disfrutar de cada minuto en que estás pintando….antes era feliz cuando pintaba…..ahora soy inmensamente feliz, gracias a tí……mil gracias!!!

Clara Costi

“Thanks so much for this class. You always surprise me with the fluidity and the calm with which you use the brush, enjoying every color, every mark, and every moment. You are fantastic and you’ve awoken in me that is non-judgmental part and has no obstacles when I paint, that child-like part that enjoys every minute she is painting. Before I was happy when I painted, now I am immensely happy…thanks to you…a thousand thanks.”

 – Clara Costi