Slow Drawing Series: 2021


This is where you can access the entire catalog of slow drawing classes and meditations with Amy. With this set, you’ll get 20 slow drawing and slow painting classes, all the relaxing meditations that start each session, and a library of guidance and inspiration.

Courses included:

  1. Sway
  2. Wrack
  3. Cells
  4. Pod
  5. Milkweed
  6. Speck
  7. Dot
  8. Woodland
  9. Hole
  10. Emit
  11. Leaf
  12. Bend
  13. Slide
  14. Evolve
  15. Hoop
  16. Exhale
  17. Pile
  18. Mussel
  19. Awe
  20. Wheat


  • Drawing pen
    Several pieces of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 3 x 4 roughly
  • Watercolor set
  • Small, round watercolor brush

This is series of video-based classes. Each of the 20 classes is roughly 1 hour long. As with all self-paced classes, you have lifetime access to the video via you dashboard here at Mindful Art Studio.

Each video includes: 

  • Mindfulness meditation to help ground your practice
  • New pattern and cues to focus on your art through the senses
  • Discussion on how to make the pattern your own and weave slow drawing into your life
Mindful Art classes has been my shelter through the storm of COVID 19 and all the challenging things that are happening in this world. I look forward for each class. It allows me to set aside one hour to slow down and breathe out calm and peace. With many gratitude to Amy for these classes.
Viola Comadizo Mayol