Poignant Portraits - Self-Guided PDF

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imagine drawing faces

  • You could draw your child, your spouse, or your best friend. You’ll capture that beautiful, pensive look, the sidelong glance.  You could draw a sassy woman standing on the mountain top, with your favorite poem written into the sky like stars. No more doubting your abilities.

you’ll have the power to illustrate

scenes and feelings you always assumed were beyond you.  The truth is, drawing, like everything else, is a learned skill, and I find there’s two parts to learning to draw this way: embracing the beauty of imperfections, and a willingness to be a beginner.

With this mindset, you can overcome your fear and open up to your best art.

Your fear of not getting it “right,” is the only thing holding you back.


Poignant Portraits


The exploration of the human face is a beautiful practice, and one that is more forgiving than you might imagine. We will learn to use blind and semi-blind contour drawing, or “wonky drawing” to create heart-felt, emotional portraits.


In your self-led retreat experience you will be:

Using visualization to release fear and open you to your authentic artistic voice

Drawing blind. You’ll be amazed at what you can see when you can’t see.

Finding beauty in detail and imperfection

Experimenting with contour drawing techniques to find which works best for you

Painting color into your portraits to deepen emotion & cohesion



This is a portrait of my son. We had just spent the day cross country skiing. We had been on a treasure hunt on the trails, working towards the prize: a cookie and a hot cocoa. He took off his jacket, hat, and mittens, and sat contentedly looking out the window, the light so beautiful on his face. I took a picture, and spent a few hours with the same contented feeling as I created this portrait. Art is a beautiful way to record and dwell with the people we love, even when they aren’t there. 

I know you have this same expressive power, you just don’t know it yet. 

Your beautiful art is calling you.

I’m Amy Maricle, your guide on this journey. I’m an art therapist and art teacher who wants to help you get over your fear and perfectionism, and dive into your joyful creative life.

I want you to step just slightly outside of your comfort zone, and create magic. 

These self-led retreats are transformative experiences. You take a risk in drawing and learn that you can create more than you dreamed possible.

You have to be willing to let go of your need for your art to be “good,” in order to make something imperfect and great.

I won’t be teaching you formulaic ways of drawing noses, eyes, and lips. I’ll be teaching you a simple, mindful drawing technique that will serve you for drawing portraits, and anything you wish. 

Do I need prior art or drawing experience to participate?

No, whether you’ve never drawn before, or you are an experienced artist, this self-led retreat is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your journal pages.

Are the materials provided?

You will provide your own materials. Our goal is to take advantage of the simplicity of only using pen and watercolor to focus on nature’s beauty and the mindful process.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds will be granted, regardless of reason. If I have to cancel for any reason, your money will be refunded.

Poignant Portraits - Self Guided PDF

Join now for $49