Paint, Pattern, Repeat

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I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art. Working small, focusing on process and play has been a powerful driver in my creative life. I love seeing the way these techniques super charge my students’ creative lives as well. 


    Make beautiful patterns, stoke your creative fire.

    • Learn a beatiful watercolor background technique
    • Make at least 48 new line drawing patterns, or up to 150 if you wish, all using one simple, and yet powerful exercise.
    • Engage in short bursts of art making that help you create more regularly.
    • Stop doubting yourself, and start playing with art materials again. 

    Art making doesn’t need to be complex to be good or worthwhile. We want to make art because it feels good to create something and to improve over time. It needs to be fun enough that you create today,  and then tomorrow you want to do it all over again.

    Course Content


    With Paint, Pattern, Repeat, you’ll get:

    • 1 hour 30 minute video instruction.
    • PDF with photos, instructions, and worksheet
    • Lifetime access to class material
    • Access to Mindful Art Facebook group
    • A bite sized, fun art approach to get you creating!
    Do I need to be on Facebook in order to join this class?

     No. There is a Facebook community, however, if you would like to share your work and discoveries there. You can share your work on Instagram with #mindfulartstudio

    Do I need computer experience to take this class?

    You do need basic computer knowledge to access this class.

    Is this class lifetime access?

    Yes! As long as I have a website, you have a class!

    Do I need prior art experience?

    No prior art experience is needed.

    How much do the supplies cost?

    All you need to begin is watercolor paper or journal, drawing pen, and watercolor paints. If you had nothing at all, supplies could cost you less than $40.