The Making Art Now! Workshop


Making Art Now is a video class with a companion PDF workbook that will help you  take back your power as a creative person. You don’t need to already feel that you are creative to participate, you just need to suspend judgment and give yourself permission to play for an hour. With a pen, paper, and watercolor, I’ll help you build some beautiful art journal pages out of nothing more than scribbles and your willingness to get playful. You’ll get the video workshop plus a Making Art Now Workbook with writing and art exercises to get you creating now!

You can use this class to:

  • free up your creative energy,
  • warm up before making art,
  • or explore the art you can create with scribbles.


Making Art Now! Includes:

  • 1 hour video class
  • Various ways to use scribbling to warm up creatively and create art with looping, curving lines.
  • Guided visualization to focus your energy on open, playful creativity
  • Making Art Now! Workbook with writing and scribble art exercises, art posters, and lots of full color pictures to get your ideas flowing.