Live Retreats


Live Retreats

Join Amy and a beautiful group for a live online art retreat experience over ZOOM or in person. *Short workshops (2 hours) are sometimes recorded, Read FAQ for questions. Retreats (6 hours) are not recorded as they are meant for live, on-camera participation and the energy that is created from showing up live and alive in the moment.

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The Warm Cocoon We Create in My Live Retreats 

I structure my online retreats as cocooon-like experiences so that you have an opportunity to re-treat from the world for a bit – much like a yoga class or retreat. (This is not the sort of class where you can multitask and turn off your camera while you catch bits of it.) Each participant joins from a quiet, private space in their home on camera.

Our gathering is a live,  sacred space. We see and are seen as we create a “magic circle” where our shared vulnerability and support lifts us and our art process, to new heights.


I want to make sure that I can make this experience accessible to folks who have not been centered in creative spaces due to their race, sexuality or gender identity, disability, or folks who could not financially afford to take my classes. If you are interested in a scholarship spot, you can apply here.