The Little Book of Wonder

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Welcome to The Little Book of Wonder!

Gather your drawings and paintings because we are about to take art journal collage to the next level!

I created this class so that you can use your unique drawings and paintings and put them together in magical, expressive ways in your art journals.



Over 5 hours of video instruction

Full-color, downloadable PDF

SImple Art Journal Prompts
Simple Art Journaling Ideas for Beginners

Cut up your art, collage with abandon, and make it pop!

Lesson Plan


12 VIDEO LESSONS with techniques for drawing, painting, collaging, and making elements that move, conceal and reveal on your pages.

Full-color PDF with 23 pages of photo inspiration and instructions for constructing doors, flaps,etc. and insights into Amy’s creative approach to making a cohesive Little Book of Wonder.


Class Content

Welcome, Supplies

Lesson 1: Watercolor Play: Exploring With Your Brush

Lesson 2: Watercolor Play: Exploring Watercolor Shapes

Lesson 3: Drawing: Slow Drawing Class: Ring

Lesson 4:  Drawing: Playing With Lines and Shapes

Lesson 5: Playing with Collage Elements

Lesson 6: Creating a Flap

Lesson 7: Creating a Lift

Lesson 8: Creating Doors

Lesson 9: Creating Envelopes

Lesson 10: Creating a Pop-Up

Lesson 11: Simple Collage Techniques

Lesson 12: Spilling Patterns Onto the Page

Bonus Content: Watching My Journal Evolve


 Your 23 page full color PDF: 

Full of color inspiration photos and tips to make your pages pop. 



pop up book how to

Make beautiful, dynamic books.

Can I take this class if I have no art experience?

Absolutely! I will lead you through step by step in all of the 12 lessons, and also provide you with tons of prompts for ways to create and collage. It’s definitely helpful if you have taken some of my weekly slow drawing workshops or you have some of your own art that you can cut up and collage with. However, I spend a few lessons showing you how to draw and paint to create collage elements that will delight you. 

Should I take this class if I am an experienced artist?

This class would be great for anyone looking for ways to collage in fun and surprising ways in their art journals. 

Is this class art therapy?

This class is not art therapy. However, I am a registered art therapist, and I use my understanding of psychology, mindfulness, and the artistic process to help students tune joyfully into the moment and engage in their art practice in deeper ways. We will not use this class to address your mental health concerns, but engaging in a mindful art practice, like any mindfulness or art practice, may have positive benefits for your overall sense of well-being.

Can I give this class as a gift?
Do I need basic computer knowledge to take the class?

Yes, this class is accessible on a page hosted on my website. The videos are all shot in HD and require a broadband connection for viewing the class.

Is making the journal a part of the class?

No, making a coptic bound book is a separate learning journey, which I teach in Coptic Bound Journal. I know not everyone will make their own though, so I sugguest you use a watercolor journal such as a Moleskine, Handbound or Strathmore brand if you don’t wish to make your own.

What kind of journal should I use for this project?

I sugguest you use a watercolor journal such as a Moleskine, Handbound or Strathmore brand if you don’t wish to make your own coptic bound book. If you’d like to learn how, I have a class Coptic Bound Journal.

Does this class overlap with Cut + Collage?

Yes, both classes teach how to make pop ups, envelopes and doors in your journal. The Little Book of Wonder is video based with some supporting PDF written and photo instructions. It goes through all the moveable techniques mentioned above using watercolor and pen pieces. Book of Wonder does not explain making windows, like the Cut + Collage Journal.

Cut + Collage is a PDF based class that explains making windows, envelopes, doors and pop ups as well as acrylic painted layers, and some basic paper cutting in a watercolor journal.  The mini paper cut section is the only video, though. 

Do I have lifetime access to the class?

Yes, as long as I have a website, you have access to the class!

How much are the supplies for this class?

Supplies are not included in the cost of the class. The price for the basic starting supplies are about $30 – $40.  You’ll need a watercolor journal, drawing pen, watercolor paint and brush, glue, scissors, and watercolor paper.

Is this class live or self-paced?

This is a self-paced class with videos and a PDF. You can access them on the site whenever you want. 

What's the difference between this class and some of your others?

The difference between The Book of Wonder and Cut + Collage is that this class is video based, gets more in depth about collage methods, and teaches some different ways of creating dynamic elements in the journal. 


The difference between The Book of Wonder and The Nature Spells journal is that Nature spells is focused on wandering in nature, mark making on tracing paper, gathering photos and writings about nature, and putting it all together in a journal. there’s an emphasis too on sewing bits of tracing paper as a collage element. The only sewing in this class is an option to hand sew a tracing paper envelope. I don’t teach the tracing paper layering techniques in this class.

What is the refund policy?

Because this is an immediate, lifetime access class, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Registration is non-transferrable.