Jump-Start Your Art Bundle


Jump-Start Your Art Bundle Includes:

Two Classes: Studio Space and Art Journaling 101

Studio Space: Create the home art studio you’ve been dreaming of.  You deserve a space in which to make your art – a sacred space, just for you, your creativity, and to nurture yourself.  Carving out and maintaining that space can be tricky when so many things and people demand time and space in our lives. I want to help you create a space that stokes your creativity and invites you to create joyfully.

Examining Your Assumptions, and Making a Plan

  • + Examine your assumptions about your art studio.
  • + Visualize what might be possible and dream big.
  • + Accept your space limitations and then do more than you thought possible within them.

Paring Down

  • + If you don’t have open table space, or you can’t find your materials, you can’t create.
  • + A huge part of what I’ll teach you is how to decide what stays and what goes.
  • + I will guide you step by step – working through categories of items that typically clutter artists’ studios and get in the way of creating. I’ll even help you identify where to donate your unwanted items.

Studio Inspiration

  • + Peek into 12 different artists’ studios.
  • + See a variety of spaces: from bedrooms to barns.
  • + Steal other artist’s tips and ideas.
  • + We ALL deserve time and space to create.

Room for Inspiration

  • + Your space can be organized, functional, and inspiring. I’ll show you how to fold in little bits of magic into your studio.
  • + I want you to walk into your space and feel welcomed, invited, and tempted to create.

Art Journaling 101:

In Art Journaling 101, I’ll take you through all the creative exercises you’ll need to create a stress-free, intuitive art journaling practice. As an art therapist, I’ll lead you through exercises that will free you from your inner critic so you can create and play in a no-judgment zone.

Art Journaling 101 offers new art journalists a system for using their art journal as a tool for healing, not just a space for decoration.

Course Content

  • + 6 creative, soulful lessons on using paint, art crayons, and writing in your journal.
  • + 14 Videos with nearly 2 hours of instruction and inspiration, plus ways to experiment with each technique.
  • + Approach each blank page with confidence! I’ll lead you through an approach to creating backgrounds first, then choosing amongst a number of different options for the next layer.
  • + Learn my unique, no-stress approach to weaving art journaling into your life (even if you think you don’t have time.)
  • + Tons of photos of completed pages, inspirational ideas, and easy ways to set up your supplies for each art-making lesson.
  • + Easy tips and links on supplies you’ll need for this class and your ongoing art journaling practice.
  • + Use my creative exercises to confront those defeating, excuse-making voices that try to keep you from making your gorgeous art. I’ll teach you to gently set aside self-doubt and embrace a creative, playful art practice that brings you joy.
  • + Writing exercises will help you unlock the wisdom held within your intuitive images. (Writing about my art is part of what makes art journaling so deeply personal, cathartic, and meaningful for me, and I know it will be for you too!)
  • + Try easy handwriting hacks that you can use to incorporate words, quotes, and poems into your pages.
    Find your artistic voice by learning to integrate all your skills.
  • + Connect with other intuitive art journalists in our private FB community.
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