The Inspiring Sketchbook


I know what’s getting in the way of your art practice, and how to help you through it:

You don’t have enough time for art –

I’ll show you how to develop a daily art habit that makes your heart happy in short bursts of time.

You never know what to make –

You will use your sketchbook to generate and cultivate your ideas.

You’ll have a perfectly focused set of ideas, tailored to inspire you.

You feel too intimidated to make the first marks –

I’ll take you step by step though short exercises you can do in a few minutes a day, that will help you build your way to creating bigger pieces for longer periods of time.

This is a beautiful 17-page PDF guide to taking creative practice to the next level with your inspiring sketchbook.

We will bust some myths about artist sketchbooks, and use fun, creative exercises in your sketchbook to blow open your creative process.

These exercises have been really transformative for artists in our community, whether they are brand new to art, or have been making for years.

I want to help you make your best art. Let’s get started!