Inner Critic Buster Bundle


Inner Critic Buster Bundle Includes:

Inspiring Sketchbook: I know what’s getting in the way of your art practice, and how to help you through it:

  • + You don’t have enough time for art – I’ll show you how to develop a daily art habit that makes your heart happy in short bursts of time.
  • + You never know what to make – You will use your sketchbook to generate and cultivate your ideas. You’ll have a perfectly focused set of ideas, tailored to inspire you.
  • + You feel too intimidated to make the first marks – I’ll take you step by step through short exercises you can do in a few minutes a day, that will help you build your way to creating bigger pieces for longer periods.

Making Art Now: Making Art Now is a video class with a companion PDF workbook that will help you take back your power as a creative person. You don’t need to already feel that you are creative to participate, you just need to suspend judgment and give yourself permission to play for an hour. With a pen, paper, and watercolor, I’ll help you build some beautiful art journal pages out of nothing more than scribbles and your willingness to get playful.

You can use this class to:

  • + Free up your creative energy
  • + Warm up before making art
  • + Explore the art you can create with scribbles

Small Creative Acts:

I put together this class to answer a need I’ve long seen: so many people are making art, or doing creative things, and yet don’t see themselves as creative. We are creative in so many ways every day. I want to give you permission to acknowledge your creative soul and open up space for the art practice you’ve always wanted. This class is composed of two artist talks and a full-color PDF that will lead you through written and art exercises to help you embrace small creative acts into your life.

You will learn to make art more often by:

  • + Validating the legacy of makers in your family and your creative history
  • + Visualizing your creative future
  • + Shifting to a playful, process-oriented approach
  • + Working smaller and in shorter bursts
  • + 30-day creative challenge and art prompts
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