the hidden seeds retreat

March 16th and 17th, 11:45 am - 2:30 pm EST
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find the hidden seeds of inspiration in YOUR ENVIRONMENT TO MAKE beautiful PAPER CUT ART.

paper cutting class

tune in and find your hidden seeds…

Early spring is an amazing time to look deeply at what speaks to you in nature.

The patterns and shapes that speak to your heart

Are the hidden seeds of your art practice.

Join us for a two-part retreat, Thursday and Friday,

March 16th and 17th 11:45 am – 2:30 pm EST!

This is a live, sacred space, and is not recorded.

PART 1: Paper Cutting Basics

begin your adventure the day you sign up for the retreat.

Explore paper cutting with the Paper Cut Art Journal class (included in registration.)

Cut into your own unique paper cut art journal!

PART 2: Wander + Gather

look in the natural world for inspiring shapes and patterns.

Make photos and sketches to record your ideas.

play with paper cut patterns of your own.

PART 3: Gathering #1, March16th 11:45 am – 2:30 pm EST

play with patterns + variations

Create open, closed, and layered page patterns.

Get guidance and ask questions live in a supportive community!

PART 4: Gathering #2, March 17th 11:45 am – 2:30 pm EST

Explore flaps, relief, and edge cutting.

Experience the calm quiet of paper cutting practice.

Leave with several completed pages of your Hidden Seeds paper cut art journal.

Hidden Seeds is a beautiful opportunity for you to seek the hidden treasures in the natural world, create patterns from the shapes that inspire you, and hone your paper cutting skills.  You’ll begin your practice on your own with the Paper Cut Art Journal class (included in registration) and then continue in two separate zoom retreat sessions with me and up to 14 other students.

I structure my online retreats as cocooon-like experiences so that you have an opportunity to re-treat from the world for a bit – much like a yoga class or retreat. (This is not the sort of class where you can multitask and turn off your camera while you catch bits of it.) Each participant joins from a quiet, private space in their home on camera. Our gathering is a live,  sacred space and is not recorded. We see and are seen as we create a “magic circle” where our shared vulnerability and support lifts us and our art process, to new heights.

I’m Amy, Your Guide

I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art. We are going to explore the beauty around us to find the seeds of inspiration that are always there, but we don’t always take the time to see.

These seeds will become the shapes and patterns that adorn your unique paper cut work, whether in a journal or in loose pieces.

You’ll begin by working through the pre-recorded videos on paper cutting, getting familiar with the techniques, and taking note of any questions you might want to ask of me live.

In addition, you’ll start actively looking for interesting organic shapes and patterns that might feed your paper cutting work.  With sketches and photos, you’ll gather these inspirations, and when we meet live, I’ll help you turn them into your own unique paper cut designs and patterns.

Best of all, we will gather together for two afternoon sessions in a “magic circle” of artists, to explore these patterns, hone our paper cutting skills, and share our discoveries in cut and layered organic patterns in paper.

Paper Cutting Techniques, Paper Cutting Class


Our Two-Part RETREAT 

Thursday March 16th and Friday March 17th

11:45 am – 2:30 pm EST on ZOOM!


  • Retreat together two afternoons March 16th and March 17th – from your home and on camera
  • Seek organic patterns in your midst and you’ll learn to source them in your work.
  • Start paper cutting right away with the Paper Cut Art Journal class (videos and PDF.)
  • Receive prep homework and Hidden Seeds e-book that includes all lessons from the live retreat sessions



“I wanted to take this time and say a long overdue thank you for our time together in the art retreat. It was a transformative time for me and I can’t wait for another! Here are the micro movements birthed out of the beautiful sacred space you held for us:

 I’ve filled my 1st big journal and made two more, did my first self-portrait in acrylic, created an affirmation poster, went on an art walk, and I’ve been participating in an online painting community,  and going deep in Procreate!”

– Mnikesa Whitaker-Haaheim


“Thank you for your hard work and preparation and leadership. As a 40 year career RN, a 10 year Reiki Master, 3 year Aromatherapist and lifelong empath and healer, I was enveloped in warmth and compassion in this group. Honestly I was not surprised to see tears at the end.

I felt that today and it has filled my soul. You orchestrated that. Well done Maestro!”
  • Rollyne Klem
“I really enjoy group art work and have a difficult time finding others. Sometimes we have to go a little further to find our tribe which the internet has successfully been able to do. 🙂 My own creativity has been sparked. Friday’s retreat grounded me in knowing that creativity does not need to be bogged down by supplies. In using a few good quality items we were able to get off the ground to engage in the creative process of mystery. Thank you for that.”

– Pamela Swafford

“I like how so many of us women are now able to come to the table together and not make excuses for what we are producing. I used to think that being vulnerable could be a weakness. Now I look at vulnerability in my art more as a strength. I am ‘allowed’ to be vulnerable to my art. It makes me stronger. My art feels stronger. I am happier with my art as well. There is strength in women!”

– Deborah Wakefield

“This morning’s retreat was enjoyable, fun and important for me. Thank you for guiding me to open myself to uncomfortable art exercises.  I was able to ‘just do it’ and the thumbnail practices have showed me a way to both make art on a daily basis and to go further with my art.”

– Rita Reid


“Thanks so much for a fruitful ‘playshop.’ The group was so generous and keen to try all you had to offer. The pump is primed!”

– Anne O’Connor

Do I need prior art or paper cutting experience to participate?
No, whether you’ve never done paper cutting before, or you are an experienced artist, two-part retreat is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your paper cut art journal.
Are the materials provided?
You will provide your own materials. Our goal is to take advantage of the simplicity of only using pen and watercolor to focus on nature’s beauty and the mindful process.
Is the retreat recorded?
This is a live, sacred space, and is not recorded. I ask you to  please be present in a  private space  at home on camera for the full time. This creates the magic circle  in which so  much is possible!
What is your refund policy?
No refunds will be granted, regardless of reason. If I have to cancel for any reason, your money will be refunded.
What's the difference between Hidden Seeds and Layers of Light?
Hidden Seeds is a live paper cutting retreat spread over two days. You get the Paper Cut Art Journal class to prepare, and a PDF that will help you wander in nature and collect ideas for your own organic patterns. In the retreat, you’ll focus on creating your own unique paper cut patterns and ways to layer them in unique ways in your paper cut art journal or other art piece. The retreat is live and not recorded.


Layers of Light is a master level paper cutting class that is lifetime access and self-paced.  It will take you from soup to nuts in paper cutting. From form, posture, technique, and exploring ideas, to organic and geometric patterns, developing your own shape vocabulary, and cutting text. There are numerous projects as well, including Paper Cut Art Journal, paper cut light box, paper cut flower, paper cut mobile, framing, alcohol ink and paper cut collage.

What kind of internet connection do I need?
You’ll need a strong internet connection and the camera and microphone that are built into your device. You may also want headphones to help reduce noise.
I have your paper cutting class, will I get a discount?
Particularly during quarantine, I have aimed to make these retreats as accessible to as many people as possible. Because paper cutting takes practice, I am offering the Paper Cut Art Journal class to everyone who joins and does not already have it. This is a way to help you hit the ground running BEFORE the retreat dates if you wish. The cost is the same whether you’ve already taken the paper cut class or not, and I know if you’re drawn to taking this technique further, that this will be a rich experience.

the hidden seeds retreat

March 16th and March 17th 11:45 am - 2:30 pm EST
Join now for $159