Fearless First Layers


Taking your work onto canvas can feel intimidating. In this 1-hour video class, I’ll show you how to transform your fears to make bold, beautiful marks on canvas. We will do a creative warm up, and then I’ll lead you through a simple process for creating vibrant, meaningful abstract paintings.


Acrylic paints – I’ll use Golden High Flow Acrylic, but regular acrylic works well too. I like using 2 – 3 similar colors plus white. (For example – cerulean blue and indigo.)

Round brush – smallish in size, or whatever you have

Canvas – I’ll use 8 x 10 but you can use whatever size you have on hand, or watercolor paper if you don’t have canvas

Spray bottle


Paint rag or paper towel

During this challenging time, I want to make art accessible to as many people as possible, so I’m offering special pricing of $14.