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Where your art practice comes alive in community

I get it. Making time for art is hard.

Maybe you ask yourself:

Am I wasting my time?

I have so many projects on my plate – where do I start?

How do I find my artistic voice?

Am I just being selfish, making time for me?

I can help you create a deep and joyful art practice.

Enter The Gathering Artists’ Collective

In the Gathering Artists’ Collective, I help budding creatives (like you) invest in their art practice in a nurturing community of creatives.

We are here to take you from sometimes making art, struggling with the inner critic and trying to find your own voice –  to a driven, joyful art practice. This is where you are dive into your own art interests, inspired by my process and my work, but finding your way. 

Meet and create with other artists
Sometimes making art alone can be difficult and lonely. We are bombarded with messages about the importance of being “productive” and about who is “good enough” to make art. This can take a toll on your creative drive and focus. It helps to be in a community with other people who share your love of intense watercolors, beautifully made journals, and markers – people who understand the artist within you. These are the people who will encourage you to create, to let the world wait, and feed your creative soul.
Get Personalized Feedback
Share your art online in a warm, supportive community designed to nurture your artistic impulses, and imaginative ideas. Ask simply to be seen or for guidance.
Move Beyond Self-Doubt Into Creative Self-Care
A specially crafted group of exclusive courses will address the fears of the inner critic and help you to create with confidence and embrace the calm that comes with a daily creative practice.
Make Art a Meaningful Part of Your Life
Use my writing and journaling prompts to reflect on how your art practice brings meaning to your life, what you most want in it, and how to drive it forward in the most fun, adventurous way.
See My Behind the Scenes Experiences
Getting a behind the scenes look in my studio will help you visualize and understand in detail how I think about and approach my art. You will see what the day to day looks like,  and how I approach roadblocks. I share it so you can compare and contrast, picking up habits and ideas that appeal to you and purposefully discarding ones that don’t. It’s like finding the footholds on your creative path.

I’ve helped over 15,000 students.        I can help you too.

+ Manage shiny object syndrome and focus

+ Connect face-to-face with other artists

+ Join monthly live art workshops

+ Take special workshops tailored for you

+ Q&A sessions with Amy

+ Quiet Co-Creation times

+ Surprise + Delight Sessions

+ Join monthly Slow Drawing After Parties on Zoom

+ Share your work in a supportive, private community

Levels of Access:

Slow Drawing Replays

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✓ Extended slow drawing replays: since May 2023

✓ Calendar of upcoming live slow drawings with adjusted time zones

Exclusive Live Zoom workshops

✓ Exclusive classes 

✓ Live broadcasts 

✓ A calendar of slow drawings, lives, and other events adjusted to your time zone

✓ Member profiles and messaging

✓ Share Your Art

✓ Journaling and writing prompts

✓ Tailored classes and meditations

Let's Start Digging Deeper Into Your Creative Practice

I understand: Shiny object syndrome is real.

Especially when time is limited, it can add to the desire to do all the things, all at once. We consume “content” at a speed humans were not meant to. Everything is fast, and hurry up, and produce more. It can create a sense of urgency and a frenetic energy that isn’t what we really want, and doesn’t help us make our best work.

It's hard to find your own "voice" artistically.

Often we flit from one project to the next, making one inch of progress in 16 directions! It leaves us feeling scattered and unproductive. I want to help you make progress one direction at a time in a way that feels grounded and satisfying.

And yet, there’s this calling – to slow down, to observe, and to be present to the beautiful things around us

What members are sharing:

I want to thank you for this space. When we connect with other people through art, with ourselves, deeply with art, we add more empathy to the world.
Anne Gagel

The Gathering Member

I have been working with you for a year and have never done drawing before. What’s happening for me this year is I’m making birthday cards for my friends, so that means I’ve stopped being so self-conscious about my art. Thank you so much for encouraging courage.
Deborah Daniel

The Gathering Member

In The Gathering Artists' Collective You Will:

Find Your Artistic Voice

Break Free of the Inner Critic

Make Slow Drawing Your Own

Develop a Sustained Art Practice

I'm here to offer another way. A slow, delicious, bathing in inspiration in a community of artists who understand you.

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The answers to the most common questions

What's Happening to Patreon Extend Level?

Not  to worry, if you were on Patreon at the $5 Extend level and want to continue to access only the extended slow drawing replays, you can. We have an Extend $5 level on The Gathering too. The great part about the Circle platform is that now you’ll also have a calendar for each live session that is adjusted to your time zone, and access to all the replays since May of last year in one easy to see place.

Are the Live Slow Drawings Still Free?
Yes, I will continue to provide a free live slow drawing workshop and 48-hour replay. I will provide that link at the bottom of the Monday newsletter, just like always. Nothing changes there.
Is All the Content From Patreon Be on The Gathering?

Yes! You will find all of the slow drawing replays from May of 2023.

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