Exhale Watercolor Journal


You sit down, pull out some beautiful papers, a colorful piece of thread, and sew a simple, beautiful little pattern into the paper, and tie it off. You fold your watercolor pages, feeling the texture of the page, and listening to the way the knife sounds slowly cutting along the edge. It’s the pleasure of taking your time, and making something useful and beautiful with our hands.

This is a video based class (34 minutes) with a supporting PDF. It’s self-paced with lifetime access.

I love making accordion journals. They are simple and beautiful, and the small size means you can carry them in your bag and create on the go. (This is one of my secrets to my creative success.) I don't like measuring and exactness, but of course when you make a book, it requires a certain amount of that. I take a lot of pleasure in taking out all the difficulty and guess work for you so that making these journals is simple and pleasurable.

I'm excited for you to get started!

+ Watercolor paper

+ Exacto knife

+ Ruler

+ Cardboard or chip board for covers

+ PVA or other adhesive

+ Decorative papers for covers

+ Embroidery thread and needle for sewing on cover