Drift: A Slow Drawing Pattern


Let’s make waves in your art with a simple drawing pattern that makes a big impact. Join me for a free Mindful Art Party. All you need is a drawing pen and a few little bits of watercolor paper cut to a small size, like 2.5 x 4 inches. You’ll find me live on the Mindful Art Studio FB page, videos tab.

This is a video based workshop.

I just finished my first Mindful Art Party!  I usually get so tense and anxious when working a project, I find myself avoiding being creative altogether.  Having permission to slowly make “cobbles” was so freeing!  I could actually breathe!  I felt like a child again!  Thank you for the experience! What a wonderful gift, to teach people how to find their way back to that “universal flow”.  Looking forward to all the playing ahead of me!

Stephanie Edmonds

Wow! These were so much fun, relaxing and brought such stillness and freedom. Really powerful.
I really like the idea of looking from different angles.
Thank you Amy and others for sharing your inspiration 

Charlotte O'Carroll

Art by student Kayla Vontess

+ Drawing pen

+ Watercolor paints

+Round  watercolor brush

+ Several pieces of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 2 x 4


This is a video based workshop.