Dreaming in Color


Find your expressive palette

We can use color to direct the viewer’s attention - think of a tall, lush green forest, and a small figure wearing a red cape walking in the midst of it. Little Red Riding Hood’s cape calls our attention immediately, even as we just imagine this scene. Now in your mind’s eye, change the cape to blue, and see what happens, or yellow.

We can use color to convey emotion - imagine the angsty teen’s black, white, and red drawing, with frenetic lines. What emotion comes up in you? Now wipe that off your mental screen and imagine an underwater scene, a thriving, colorful forest of coral, and turquoise waters. What are you feeling?

Whether you can’t attend one of Amy’s live retreats due to time constraints or you enjoy working solo, these PDFs give you all of the exercises that Amy uses in her live online retreats for you to use in your own serene, playful way. You’ll see how much you can stretch your art practice with these fun experiments. Let’s create!

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