Drawing Closer To Nature

A Nature Journaling Class

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Drawing Closer To Nature

Drawing from nature

brings grounding and joy.

Let’s marvel at nature’s abundant beauty.

Learn to draw and paint the natural objects you love in a way you never thought possible before.

Let’s get closer to nature!

In Drawing Closer To Nature You will learn:

Contour Drawing

Watercolor Techniques

How to Create Beautiful Botanicals

How to Add Lettering

Let's Get Outdoors to Gather, Draw, and Paint

17  Guided Video Lessons

Join me in nature as we draw and paint in our journals together

A 22-page PDF Guide

Full of written instruction and extra resources to support you throughout this class

Nature Based Inspiration

15 lessons to fill your nature journal

Here’s what the students inside have to say:

Experience the connection between nature, creativity, and Mindfulness

Learn to see and draw like an artist

Looking deeply at the shapes, colors, and twists and turns of the forms helps me to slow down inside, and also to render nature’s beauty more accurately.

Learn to render our natural treasures in gorgeous detail. Add color and life and take your drawings from wonky to WHOA!

Your Drawing Closer to Nature Lessons:

+ Engage curiosity to see and draw natural objects more accurately.

+ Learn blind contour and semi-blind contour drawing 

+ See with new eyes on slow, relaxed nature walks

+ Write and reflect on your drawing and art practice

+ Use line, color and text to convey your deep experience of nature

+ Embrace the beauty of imperfection in the joy of the creative process


Drawing Adventures: 

– Portable Art Kits and Prep

– Respectfully Gather Natural Objects

– Let Me Take You on My Nature Drawing Adventure

– Choosing Objects to Draw

Contour Drawing

– Warm-Up: Scribble Drawing

– Blind Contour Drawing or “Wonky Drawing”

– Semi-Blind Contour Drawing


Watercolor Painting Techniques

– Watercolor Basics

– Color Mixing

– Adding Watercolor to Drawings

– Extended Co-Painting Time


Botanical Drawing and Watercolor

– Contour Drawing Flowers and Greenery

– Watercolor Painting Botanicals

Watercolor Bleeds and Contour Drawings

– Creating Watercolor Bleeds

-Contour Drawing Feathers


Adding Lettering and Text 

Nature Journaling Inspiration Gallery

Books to Inspire Your Practice


Thanks again for asking for my impressions of the delightful Drawing Closer to Nature.  It’s beefy and yummy as you said, filled to the brim with inspiring content.  As I watched and read, here’s what came to me:

  • -an opportunity to enjoy your lush photography; there are tons of examples of your work for inspiration

-loved being able to join you on an outdoor adventure!

-you have joyful and boundless enthusiasm for the natural world

-every video offers clear guidance and instruction

-your classes are endlessly watchable, always exercise in mindfulness, and always offered with humor and self-deprecation

-learning with you is like having a wise friend in my studio space

-you offer a gentle flexible structure and containment, that’s always invitational

-you teach us how to truly see

-yes-tons of content, with follow-along videos and myriad of tips along the way to ensure success

-we get to watch contour drawings come to life through expert watercolor instruction, offered with a playful, easy touch

It was a little hard for me to keep reviewing in a timely manner

without stopping to actually do the lessons.  Watercolor calling!

Suzie Amelia

Drawing Closer to Nature Is For You If...

You enjoy getting out in nature (or looking at photos)

You want to keep a nature journal, but don’t know how

You love nature, but can’t seem to draw it. 

You want in depth guidance about watercolor techniques

Hi, I’m Amy Maricle

Artist, art therapist, & nature lover

Mindful Art Studio was created with you in mind. It’s my way to stop your inner critic from getting in the way of your creativity.

All my courses and resources are inspired by the connections between nature and art, and invite you to explore patterns, materials, ideas, and often the simplest things as the basis to a thriving art practice that fits into your everyday.

I’m a trained art therapist, which means every course incorporates mindfulness practices and techniques for getting the inner critic out of the way.

The answers to the most common questions

Can I take this class if I have no art experience?

Absolutely! Whether you’ve never drawn before, or you are an experienced artist, this class is structured to provide you the space to learn to see in new ways, and opportunities to translate those new visions onto your journal pages.

Should I take this class if I am an experienced artist?

For an experienced artist, I would recommend this class if you are trying to get out of a creative rut by approaching art mindfully and with fresh eyes. But you might resonate more with a class like BIG ART.

Is this class art therapy?

This class is not art therapy. However, I am a registered art therapist, and I use my understanding of psychology, mindfulness, and the artistic process to help students tune joyfully into the moment and engage in their art practice in deeper ways. We will not use this class to address your mental health concerns, but engaging in a mindful art practice, like any mindfulness or art practice, may have positive benefits for your overall sense of well-being.

Can I give this class as a gift?
Do I need basic computer knowledge to take the class?

Yes, this class is accessible on a page hosted on my website. The videos are all shot in HD and require a broadband connection for viewing the class.

Do I have lifetime access to the class?

Your PDF is available for download and you’ll have access to the class as long as I have a website,  you have access to your class. Videos can be viewed on my site at your convenience. 

How much are the supplies for this class?

Supplies are not included in the cost of the class. The price for the basic starting supplies are about $20 – $30.  You’ll need a watercolor journal, drawing pen, watercolor paint and brush.

Is this class live or self-paced?

This is a self-paced class with videos and a PDF. You can access them on the site whenever you want. 

What is the refund policy?

Because this is an immediate, lifetime access class, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Registration is non-transferrable.

Experience the connections between nature, creativity, and mindfulness

Let’s get closure to nature