Dash: A Mindful Painting Pattern


Let’s explore what happens when you make a simple dash mark with your brush in colors you love. Let’s explore what happens when you layer that with simple dash marks in drawing pen. We will breathe, and nurture ourselves with simple, mindful art movements. It’s my pleasure to teach you this pattern and watch you learn and innovate with it.

+ Drawing pen,
+ Several pieces of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 3 x 4
+ Watercolor paints
+ Small pointed brush.

This is a video based workshop.

Mindful Art classes has been my shelter through the storm of COVID 19 and all the challenging things that are happening in this world. I look forward for each class. It allows me to set aside one hour to slow down and breathe out calm and peace. With many gratitude to Amy for these classes.

Viola Comadizo Mayol

mindful painting

I love the mindfulness aspect of the process. I especially loved it when Amy mentioned that we were not making art in the class, but that we were art explorers.  Also, because you draw on small cards, it doesn’t take up a lot of time so you can easily squeeze it into your schedule. And if you don’t like a card, you just go one to the next one. Low pressure!

Danielle Roeleveld

I have been working on this slowly since I watched the dash, on line session. It has even entered into my dreams at night. I throughly enjoyed creating this. Just focus on the breathing and see where the mark end up taking me 💖

Sally Berto