The Guide to Creative Self Care

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Art journaling has always been my playful path to self-discovery and healing.

An art journal is a place where anything goes: paint, collage, writing, or scribbling. I focus on the process, the way it makes me feel, and soon I notice my breathing slows down, and I feel calmer.

When the pressure is off to be perfect or make good art, I make more art and better art. I’ve helped hundreds of students along the same journey, and I’d love to help you too.

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Lesson Plan

Part One

The Creative Self-Care Assessment and Art Journaling Supplies

Part Two

Why Creative Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Part Three

8 Art Journaling and Art Projects to Infuse Your Life with Creativity

Part four

How to Make an Art Studio at Home

Part Five

Intuitive Art Journaling


How I Use My Art Journal for Healing

I want to help you on your creative self-care journey. Take my free class and you will:

Assess your current creative and self-care habits
Set up an art studio in your home, even if you think you have no space
Learn mindful art techniques and doodle away your stress
Make 8 artsy self-care projects over the next week