Creative Abundance Bundle


Creative Abundance Bundle Includes:

Layers of Light: Layers of Light is an intuitive approach to paper cutting. You’ll gain all the technical skills to create beautiful, detailed paper cuts, but also hone your unique artistic vision. You’ll see what a meditative experience it is to create these gorgeous, intricate designs, and have the playful adventure of making it your own.

  • + 34 Beautifully shot instructional videos (7 hours of teaching)
  • + 27 Paper cutting, framing, and intuitive creativity lessons
  • + 99-page Download and print-ready Layers of Light e-book
  • + 7 Paper cut projects
  • + 1 private Facebook community
  • + Lifetime access to class content
  • + Expert guidance from Amy on developing your artistic voice

Fluid Art: Fluid Art is an online class designed to help you make art a more fluid part of your life. Using high-flow acrylic paint, gorgeous handmade journals you’ll make yourself, and simple patterns, you’ll create mini masterpieces you can work on anywhere, any time.

  • It’s fun! Watching the paint flow and marble is mesmerizing!
  • It’s creative! You can collage with your mini masterpieces in inventive ways to create unique art journal pages, paintings, and handmade cards.
  • It’s portable! Working small will help you make art in short bursts of time, which means you’ll make more art.

Big Art: Let’s make BIG ART 2 inches at a time! We will draw and paint on lots of tiny “inchie” watercolor squares just 2 x 2 inches. I’ll show you several playful drawing and painting techniques in 11 projects. You’ll create a lot of little art at your own pace, and before you know it, you’ll put them together to create your unique BIG ART.

Prep for Creative Success: 

  • + How to use the class in YOUR way
  • + Creative batching

Painting Techniques:

  • + Smoky paint
  • + Messy paint
  • + Color bursts
  • + Graceful liner brush marks

Drawing Techniques:

  • + Slow drawing patterns
  • + Imperfect botanicals
  • + Dot clouds
  • + Nature-inspired patterns

Innovation Techniques:

  • + Idea generation exercises to find your BIG ART ideas
  • + Ways to let an image “travel the grid”
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