Botanical Beauty

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Botanical Beauty is a live, recorded workshop where we will play and explore the gorgeous  botanical forms that are possible with a bamboo brush and ink.

You will respectfully gather some natural inspiration, and then together we will explore leaves, stems, fronds, seed pods, petals, and all sorts of botanical forms to create beautiful, inky botanical paintings.

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You’ll join our beautiful live, supportive community on Zoom, Thursday, July 13th 6 – 8 pm EDT, and have lifetime access to your recordings. (Time zone converter: Find out what time that is for you.)

Lesson Plan

Before we meet together live:
Gather botanical beauty
Read your PDF
Get to know your treasures
In our live gathering on Zoom, July 13th, 6 – 8 pm EDT:
Explore botanical brush marks
Explore botanical shapes
Explore nature observations
Create bold graphic patterns
Play with varying ink intensity
Paint abstract botanical patterns

Develop Your Artistic Life


Connect with nature,

Connect with your art practice,

Connect with the Mindful Art Community

Let’s explore Botanical Beauty together.

Class Content


Botanical Beauty PDF

Materials list with links

Botanical inspiration gathering

Mark making play guidance

Basics for painting with ink

Inspirational photos and ideas


Live Class, Thursday, July 13th 6 – 8 pm EDT

Gathering and creating on Zoom with Amy and other students


Recorded class to keep with lifetime access


Is this class suitable for a beginner?
Absolutely! I will lead you through step by step from gathering  your supplies to step by step instructions to make each technique your own.
Should I take this class if I am an experienced artist?

This class is most suitable for beginner and intermediate artists.

Is this class art therapy?
This class is not art therapy. However, I am a board certified art therapist, and I use my understanding of psychology, mindfulness, and the artistic process to help students tune joyfully into the moment and engage in their art practice in deeper ways. We will not use this class to address your mental health concerns, but engaging in a mindful art practice, like any mindfulness or art practice, may have positive benefits for your overall sense of well-being.
Can I give this class as a gift?
Do I need basic computer knowledge to take the class?
Yes, this class is accessible on Zoom and a page hosted on my website. The videos are all shot in HD and require a broadband connection for viewing the class. You will need skills with Zoom and basic computer and internet knowledge. You will also have ongoing access to the PDF and recording of the class on my site.
What are the supplies for this class?

Supplies are not included. We meet on Zoom, and I provide a list of links for your supplies. I purposefully keep the supply list simple. You will need a #6 bamboo brush, India ink, a pad of watercolor paper, and jars for holding ink and water and a towel for blotting. A full supply list with links is included in your class PDF.

Can I take this class on replay?

Yes! While this is a live class, it will be recorded and you’ll have “lifetime access” to the recording and PDF on Mindful Art Studio. You’ll also have access to our private FB community with folks from all over the world.

Are there scholarship spots for this masterclass?
We have scholarship spots available for this class for folks in the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. Please reach out to and tell us what it would mean for you and your art practice to take this class.
What is the refund policy?
Because of the nature of digital products, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Please think carefully and check your calendar before registering for this experience. We can’t wait to create together!