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Make 3 types of journals.

The Bookmaker’s Bundle includes everything you need to confidently create your very own high-quality journals and booklets.

Show off your artwork in its best light in bespoke journals.

Make books that cost less than the mass-produced journals at your local art supply store.

Look At This Beautiful Student Work:

Like Kate, you might be wondering if you could actually make your own journals.

Spoiler Alert: She did. And you can too.

Coptic Bound Journal 

(Regularly $49):

Get access to my step-by-step and easy-to-understand directions to make these gorgeous journals. You’ll make the perfect coptic bound journals for your drawings, paintings and writing practice, even if you have struggled in the past.

You can rely on:

+ Step-by-step video instructions to help you make a Coptic Bound Journal with ease

+ Written and photo instructions breaking up each step of the process

+ My detailed materials list with matching links to source them

+ Beautiful photos to inspire your creations

+ Answers to your FAQs and common obstacles

coptic bound journal tutorial easy

No more guesswork.

Here’s a sneak peek of my step by step:

Bountiful Booklet 

(Regularly $29):

This self-guided course unpacks how to make your very own stunning bi-fold journal complete with gorgeous cover and a string & bead closure. Seek inspiration from the full-colour instructional booklet complete with gorgeous photos as well as prompt worksheets for drawing, painting, and writing.


You can rely on:

+ 6 guided video lessons to make the process easy

+ Full-color 29-page instructional PDF with gorgeous photos

+ Step-by-step instructions to give you complete confidence

+ Idea Generation Worksheet so you get the most out of your booklet

+ Clickable materials list so you’re creating in no time

Handmade Accordion Journal 

(Regularly $19):

These simple art journals use on premium watercolour paper that makes them perfect for drawing, painting, and collage. Learn how to make your very own accordion journal in no time with this bite-sized 30-minute video class and supporting written instructions.

You can rely on:

+ Guided video lesson to make the process easy

+ Full-color instructional PDF with gorgeous photos

+ Step-by-step instructions to give you complete confidence

+ Dimension variation ideas

+ Clickable materials list so you’re creating in no time

bookbinding tutorial

The Bookmaker’s bundle is worth $97, but you can get it for $79 on sale.

You get one year access to class video and downloadable PDF.

handbound books
Your instructions were perfect for the coptic binding.  As a matter of fact, I have attempted this a few times with other teachers, and with you, for the first time EVER, I did it!
Annie Froese

+ Classes are set up to make your experience clear and fun.

+ You can follow along with me from start to finish.

I just finished my first Coptic Bound Journal. The instructions were clear, and Amy provided both written printouts and video lessons, so whatever your learning style, it’s a fun workshop! I was so happy with my final product! I highly recommend this class!

Cheryl Widen

I’m Amy, Your Guide

I’m Amy Maricle, an art therapist turned art facilitator who adores helping artists make more meaningful, joy-filled art. We are going to explore, experiment, and play with these high flow paints and help you make them a part of your beautiful art practice.


Featured in:

Do I need prior sewing or book binding experience to participate?

I’ve designed this class so that any and everyone can make their own beautiful hand sewn journal. 

What are the materials?

You will need:

Bone folder – for neatly folding paper for book signatures, 6 inches pointed at one end

Awl – for piercing holes in covers and signatures
Scissors – for cutting thread and paper for covers
Pencil – for marking holes

Binder clips – for holding covers and signatures together when marking

Bookbinding Needle – Size 20
Linen waxed thread
Chip board for covers

Watercolor paper – for signatures of book
Paper or cloth – for covers
PVA glue
Parchment or wax paper – for putting between
your covers and some heavy books for drying

Ink or watercolor paint

Cotton or acrylic string or similar

Decorative paper for covers (if desired)

Embroidery floss for cover (if desired)

Paper cutter (Or you can use a ruler and an
Xacto knife) – for cutting all papers to size

Ruler – I have a small 6 inch ruler that I find handy for the small books

Optional: I also use a quilting ruler simply because I am not the most exact person, and I find the clear grid very helpful for being more precise.

What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of digital products, I cannot offer refunds, regardless of the circumstances. Please look over the classes carefully and reach out if you still have questions – I’m happy to help!

How long do I have access?

You can access your class materials via your Dashboard on my site. Your class consists of  instructional videos, and downloadable PDF guides. Both take you step-by-step through the process. My classes with videos and downloadable PDFs are all one year access. 

Bookmaker's Bundle

Make your own gorgeous, handbound books
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