Book Launch Party Draw Yourself Calm


Celebrate the launch of Draw Yourself Calm with a reading and slow drawing session led by author and art therapist Amy Maricle!


About The Book

With the constant onslaught of information and stimulation, we need ways to slow down. Drawing simple, repetitive shapes slows our thoughts and our breathing, and makes us fully present in the moment. Slow drawing is not about perfectionism, or making museum worthy art – it’s an active and creative meditation: just you, a pen, the rhythm of your hand moving across the page, and the lines that appear. Draw Yourself Calm offers a space to nurture yourself creatively and spiritually, by giving you the tools and inspiration to develop a slow drawing practice.

All you need is a pen and paper, so getting started is easy. Featuring 25 beautiful, nature-inspired patterns on small pieces of paper, slow drawing is inviting and accessible. Art therapist Amy Maricle offers a playful, no right-or-wrong approach that empowers readers to slow down in a way that is creative but not pressure-filled.