BIG COLLABORATIVE ART -LIVE: Friday October 30th, 1 - 3 pm EST

Early Bird Registration: $69

What is big collaborative art live?

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If you are anything like me, right now you need space to take a deep breath, lay down your worries, and melt into a creative community.

I also know you really benefit from motivation to create consistently.

On Friday, October 30th, from 1 – 3 pm EST, BIG Collaborative ART Live offers both of those things, PLUS you’ll make BIGGER ART than you thought possible, by collaborating with other artists.  This is about making soulful, nourishing art that fills us up and connects us with other artists from all over the world. We need and deserve that right now.


part one – Creative HOMEWORK

You’ll do a short journaling exercise about your creative life, send it to me via email, and bits of it will become part of one of our collaborative art pieces.

You’ll pre-prep some smoky backgrounds, color scapes, and color bursts so that you have lots of choices about which pieces to use during our mini retreat.

You’ll practice some of your favorite slow drawing patterns, and incorporate these into what you create during our gathering as well.

small art, mixed media collage class

You’ll get all your envelopes ready to send off your beautiful art to share with the rest of the community! Within days you’ll have squares and you can assemble your BIG COLLABORATIVE ART pieces!


live art retreats

 This is the really fun part! On Friday, October 30th, from 1 – 3 pm EST, we will gather together on Zoom, from all over the world, welcoming each other in all our beautiful creativity and imperfections.

We will set this time aside without distractions, and really dip into the process of being present with our art and what others create.

Making in a group, with permission to focus on creating from the heart, can be healing and take our work to new places.


We will open our magic circle with a gathering ritual of creative poetry.

Slow Drawing Class

Then we will luxuriate in slowly and mindfully moving paint across the page.

Colorscape class

Project 1: Color Swooshes

Using your own unique color palette, you’ll explore endless possibilities within a simple formula. Seeing the collection of different color swoosh schemes is going to have so much impact.

live art classes

Project 2: Art Courage

We will use text and painted patterns to create inchies that inspire and uplift. When we exchange pieces, you’ll have the collective art courage of our whole community in one art piece.



Smoky paint technique

Once you get your squares from the rest of the community, you can begin playing with how you want to put them together.

Art grid
You might make one big piece, one for each project, or several pieces with your classmates’ work peppered through them.
Can I join if I'm not a BIG ART Student
We will be using some of the techniques that are taught in the BIG ART class with the assumption that you have taken the lessons or will take them. For this reason, the class is offered to BIG ART students only. If you’d like to join BIG ART, you are very welcome to! BIG ART
What's the full supply list?
The full supply list includes watercolor paper, a paper cutter, micron pen,Yes paste, an assortment of brushes, and a liner brush.
How do I access my class?
Upon purchase, you will login or create a new username and password.

You can use these details to login to your Big Art Dashboard and access the class whenever you’d like. The Dashboard will house all classes you’ve taken from Mindful Art Studio.

How long do I have access for?
You will have access to the class for the lifetime of Mindful Art Studio.
What Computer Skills Do I Need?

You need to have basic computer knowledge and basic knowledge of Zoom, or be willing to do a test call with Amy to be sure you can get the most out of your mini retreat experience. YAY! Let’s create together!

In what format is this class?
You’ll have some short prep homework to help you get ready for the mini retreat and keep you creating. This is all in text format in your dashboard.

You’ll then attend the mini-retreat on October 30th from 1 – 3 pm EST.

Finally, you’ll send your squares to your classmates. Once you get them all, within a few days, you’ll put your BIG COLLABORATIVE ART pieces together to enjoy.

Do you offer refunds if I can't make it?
Much like a road race or a concert, once you secure your spot, there are no refunds. Please check your commitments carefully, as we are depending on each other to create some BIG COLLABORATIVE ART!