BIG ART is a big art adventure! I’ll show you several adventurous and fun drawing and painting techniques in 11 amazing projects. You’ll experiment, play, mix, and match, and come up with your own unique BIG ART. 

Lesson Plan: part one – Welcome + Creative Prep

Hi! I’m Amy , your teacher and guide for BIG ART. I believe we are all artists with some pretty BIG ART ideas, it’s just a matter of finding them. I think if you are pulled to the idea of working small, getting playful, and letting things evolve naturally this way, you’ll find your way of making BIG ART.


There are four videos in this first section where I introduce the outline of the course and how best to use it, show you the supplies, get you set up to create on the go, and most importantly, lead you through the creative exercise that will help you generate YOUR unique BIG ART ideas.

– A welcome to BIG ART

– Gathering your supplies

– Your portable art kit

– Generating your BIG ART ideas

Lesson Plan: part Two – Projects


Project 1: BIG SKY

Mixed Media Online Art Class

Project 2: Color Bursts

Slow Drawing Class

Project 3: Slow Drawing on Color Bursts

Colorscape class

Project 4: Color Scapes

Botanical drawing class

Project 5: Botanicals

Dot drawing techniques

Project 6: Dot Clouds

Mark making class

Project 7: U Project

Mixed Media Online Art Classes

Project 8: Images That Travel

Dot drawing techniques

Project 9: Drawing Nature Inspired Patterns

Mark Making Online class

Project 10: Marks That Flow

Start Small, GO BIG

Project 11: Start Small, Go BIG

mixed media art class, tiny art class

What You’ll Get with BIG ART

Idea Generation Exercises

Prep for Creative Success: 

+ How to use the class in YOUR way

+ Creative batching


Drawing Techniques:

+ Slow drawing patterns

+ Imperfect botanicals

+ Dot clouds

+ Nature inspired patterns

Smoky paint technique

Painting Techniques:

+ Smoky paint

+ Messy paint

+ Color bursts

+Graceful liner brush marks

Art grid

Innovation Techniques:

+ Idea generation exercises to find your BIG ART ideas

+ Ways to let an image “travel the grid”

How do I access my class?

Upon purchase, you will login or create a new username and password.

You can use these details to login to your Big Art Dashboard and access the class whenever you’d like. The Dashboard will house all classes you’ve taken from Mindful Art Studio. 

How long do I have access for?

You will have access to the class for the lifetime of Mindful Art Studio.

In what format is this class?

This is a video lesson class, with a PDF with some tutorials and worksheets and lots of inspiring photos. 

Can I save the class to my computer?

The videos remain on this site and are not downloadable, but you will receive a PDF workbook to save to your computer and print out.

What are the minimum Supplies?

At a minimum, you’ll need watercolor paper, a number of high flow acrylic paints, YES paste, at least one drawing pen, and a white gel pen. 


What's the full supply list?

The full supply list includes watercolor paper, a paper cutter, micron pens, white gel pen, white paint pen, colored paper for mounting large pieces, Yes paste, zip pouch, an assortment of brushes, and a liner brush.