Art Journaling 101

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In Art Journaling 101, I’ll take you through all the creative exercises you’ll need to create a stress-free, intutive art journaling practice. As an art therapist, I’ll lead you through  exercises that will free you from your inner critic so you can create and play in a no-judgment zone.

What we are doing is NOT art therapy, but I will help you fearlessly conquer the blank page, gain insight into the deeper meaning of your art, and uncover YOUR unique style of intuitive art journaling.

Art Journaling 101 offers new art journalists a system for using your art journal as a tool for healing, not just a space for decoration.


Emily Lange art

Amy – I so love your classes and how much i have been able to rediscover creativity and joy – I recommend you to everyone!

Emily Lange

Course Content


  • 6 creative, soulful lessons on using paint, art crayons, and writing in your journal.
  • 14 Videos with nearly 2 hours of instruction and inspiration, plus ways to experiment with each technique.
  • Approach each blank page with confidence! I’ll lead you through an approach to creating backgrounds first, then choosing amongst a number of different options for the next layer.
  • Learn my unique, no-stress approach to weaving art journaling into your life (even if you think you don’t have time.)
  • Tons of photos of completed pages, inspirational ideas, and easy ways to set up your supplies for each art making lesson.
  • Easy tips and links on supplies you’ll need for this class and your ongoing art journaling practice.
  • Use my creative exercises to confront those defeating, excuse-making voices that try to keep you from making your gorgeous art. I’ll teach you to gently set aside self-doubt and embrace a creative, playful art practice that brings you joy.
  • Writing exercises will help you unlock the wisdom held within your intuitive images. (Writing about my art is part of what makes art journaling so deeply personal, cathartic, and meaningful for me, and I know it will be for you too!)
  • Try easy handwriting hacks that you can use to incorporate words, quotes, and poems into your pages.
    Find your artistic voice by learning to integrate all your skills.
  • Connect with other intuitive art journalists and your teacher (me!) in our private FB community.

Lesson Plan


Welcome: Supply list video and getting the most out of this class

Lesson 1: Preparing for Creativity

Lesson 2: Conquering the Inner Critic

Lesson 3: Creating Beautiful Backgrounds

Lesson 4: Creating Meaningful Images

Lesson 5: Writing About Your Art

Lesson 6: Putting It All Together – Ways to integrate all your skills and find your own creative voice

Surprises & Epiphanies

I find myself spending hours sometimes easily getting into the zone and exploring whatever adventure presents itself to me. *I am absolutely delighted by the surprises and epiphanies these simple exercises are gifting me!!!!! Thank you so much!” 

– Patti Emanuel

“Art Journaling 101 opened up a channel for creation without judgement, and it focuses on drawing out personal, subjective authenticity, versus decoration. It’s been very liberating and has infused the act of creation with a sense of fun and excitement again. I would recommend it to absolute beginners and to professional artists.”

– Caroline Etheridge

“You’re offering tons of encouragement, and secondly, you weren’t asking me to paint pictures I couldn’t paint. It is every bit what I hoped it would be! Thank you for the fun this is bringing me.”

– Jeanine Arnold

“I have been so excited every week to work on my art journal. Just know you have opened the door to something wonderful for me and my family. We are together creating and each in our own “flow…” it feels relaxing and exciting all in one! Thank you for sharing your love of art with us!”

– Stacey Hartman

“You showed me that the art process is ongoing and always alive.”

– Sarah Kulig

“I feel much less intimidated by the art journaling process than I ever have, and more accepting of my results. The course was just the thing to make art journaling a regular part of my creative process.”

– Melissa Gondek

Do I need any art experience in order to take this class?

Nope! I will lead you through very simple step by step instructions in video tutorials. You can pause and try things out, or watch it all the way through and then give it a try. The class is completely self-paced, and you have full access.

Should experienced artists take this class?

An experienced artist who has hit a creative block, is struggling with the inner critic, or would is having a hard time figuring out how to establish a consistent art journaling practice that focuses on personal healing would be good candidates for this class. You will likely be familiar with my background techniques and potentially the unique image techniques, but if you are looking for help approaching art in an open way again, without expectations, learning to let the image lead and recapture that sense of discovery you had a child, I think this class may have a lot to offer you. If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact me and we can chat it out!

What art supplies will I need for the class?

To get started, you should have a journal with blank pages, watercolor and acrylic paints, chalk or oil pastels, India ink, gesso, and string. I also do a section with Neocolor water soluble crayons and gesso, but these are pricey, so you could either buy just two single crayons or just use other paints for this section if it’s too expensive.

What kind of journal should I buy?

Really almost any blank-paged journal can serve you. I have worked in thin-paged Moleskine journals, run of the mill art journals I can find at Michael’s with a medium strength page, and expensive watercolor journals or brown craft paper journals. They all have different qualities. I have used all of the art materials we will use on these surfaces.

My suggestion is to go to your local art store and handle some journals. See which one pleases you and makes you want to pick it up and make something, that one will probably serve you well. If you want a more scientific answer, go for a heavier page, it will hold up to more paint. 🙂

You are an art therapist, so if I take Art Journaling 101 online, am I doing art therapy?

This is a great question! Many students have told me that what they really appreciate about my teaching style is that it feels very encouraging and teaches them to approach their art in a much more judgement free way, which in turn helps them produce better work. I have used my training to help inform my no-judgment approach to art making, but it’s important to be clear that this class is NOT art therapy. Art therapy happens when a trained art therapist uses art within a counseling relationship to help a client meet their mental health goals. As with talk therapy, there is a signed agreement for treatment and a treatment plan.

Can I give this class as a gift to someone else?

Yes, you can! Just click here to purchase a Studio Bucks gift card for the artist (or budding artist) in your life.